We often forget about who actually need ... Watching this touching story and roar violently!

Mom cried: «Sonny, just do not go! Father did not want to hurt you ... Sonny, wait! » I> But the guy got in his car and drove away. It is easy to forget all the pleasant events, time spent together, the whole family manifested love and care. It happens that we sometimes do not think, the consequences of our indifference, ill-considered words and deeds. Sometimes they leave a permanent mark on the fate of the person who is dear to us. It is always easy to forget the good things ... but much harder not to love!

None worth mentioning that the only truly loving parents, caring for our own good, sometimes cost us severely and dramatically. The father, who recently raised his voice to his son, was next in the most difficult moment for him ... Now he teaches his son as if in childhood, first steps. He believes that they will be able to overcome all TOGETHER.

//player.vimeo.com/video/92996725?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0&color=1eabd8Мы often forget about who really need ... But the only one who is always there - it's your family! Nothing is more reliable and robust than a helping hand loved ones. Remember: the family - it is an eternal value. Take care of their loved ones, to treat them with care and attention, do not rush to hurt their words or actions. Each your wound - this is their pain, and vice versa. Show this video to your friends, it will not leave them indifferent.



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