"Mom, let me see the world while I'm not blind." History permeates the boy ...

His steps slow and deliberate, but confident. Louis, who is only 13 years old, confidently striding between boulders on the trail to the top Totenkirchl, 2190-meter mountain in dolomite Brixen.

still very early, but Luis has long been awakened. His eyes filled with extraordinary brilliance. He walks around his father; it sticks a little bit unusual look in the hands of 13-year-old. Despite all this, no one would never think that Louis Corbett from Auckland, New Zealand, is not like other teenagers.

Yes, Luis is very different. He suffers from a serious illness, his vision - only 50%, and a few months later he did go blind.

Therefore his parents show him the world today. Luis has already visited Rome, Boston, the Grand Canyon. He also flew in a helicopter over Niagara Falls. «We really want to fill it with the world of wonderful impressions and pictures, as far as possible», i> - explains his mother Katherine Corbett.

At Louis retinitis pigmentosa - an eye disease that is caused by different genetic defects and which leads to the death of the retina.

But now he looks at the Dolomite mountains, rocky peaks of which he was so pleased.

Louis also maintains a professional blind climber Andy Holzer.

Retinitis pigmentosa - a hereditary disease that affects about 3 million people around the world. Two brothers Luis, too sick of it, but they have the disease not progressing as those of their younger brother. They have no complications.

Last year, his eyesight has deteriorated sharply. Within a few months he became less visible than 50%. Luis says: «In August, the school suddenly I could not decipher what was written on the board, just saw blurry big letters». I> It was a brutal shock for the boy and his parents. Funny Luis lightning closed, more and more retired to his room and crying all night long.

His mother came up with the idea of ​​a "dream trip for Luis." She said: «I wanted Louis and was further conqueror, bold and curious, and discover your own world». I> So his parents have developed a plan to the youngest of their five children was able to pull it off worldwide travel. Parents Louis told his son about the plan and showed him the things and places that would be useful during his extraordinary journey around the world.

Louis liked the plan, but this trip is very, very expensive cost. Parents Louis, being small businesses, pharmacists could not afford it, so they told me about their project to their neighbors, they are very helpful. One of their neighbors - the chairman of the board of one of Boston companies software developers - gave the boy a ticket to play the legendary Boston basketball team, "Celtics» (Celtics). Louis - a big fan of basketball - was ecstatic!

In March, Louis, Jerome, his brother and their father, Tim traveled themselves: they visited the New York Empire State Building, Grand Canyon, and finally to the central headquarters of Google, Inc. in California.

In recent months, he has experienced a lot. He said that he liked Rome, especially St. Peter's Basilica. Generally it is most like Italy with its architecture and food. He dreams of becoming an architect, even though he was blind. After all Louis still believes that if you really try, then everything will turn out exactly.

Yes, I am very sorry for this 13-year-old boy. I would also like for him to restore his sight. In spite of all, look how strong, courageous and assertive, he is. It can not but admire! Tell the story of an unusual boy your friends!



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