20 things, which my mother taught me

This recall through laughter and tears, but with gratitude.

There is not a man who would understand us better than mom. In her words, even when she swears, lies the real worldly wisdom. Such lessons is hard to forget, especially if you have a good sense of humor.

In honor of Mother's Day Website publishes a list on which you can laugh with her mother.

My mother taught me respect the labor of others: «If you are going pereubivat each other, go out into the street, I just washed the floor." My mother taught me to believe in God: «Pray that this stuff to wash!" My mother taught me think logically: «Because I said so, that's why!" My mother taught me think about the consequences: «This is thrown out now from the window, I will not take you with me to the store!" My mother explained to me causal relationships: «If you now do not stop bawling I spank you. " My mother taught me to overcome the impossible: «Shut your mouth and eat the soup!" My mother taught me endurance: «Do not go out from the table until everyone doesh!" My mother taught me bold look to the future: «Oh, wait a minute, at home I talk to you!" My mother taught me fundamentals of self: «If you do not stop to mow the eyes of a lifetime so stay" . My mother taught me be flexible: «Look, what's your neck back dirty!" My mother taught me extrasensory: «Put on a sweater, I know you're cold!" Mom taught me how to become an adult: «If you do not eat vegetables, never grow up." My mother taught me foundations of genetics: «That you all from my father!" My mother explained to me, how to behave: «Stop it now behave like a father!" My mother taught I to believe in the impossible: «I see right through you." My mother taught me to see the good in everything: «Again arranged in the room a pigsty." My mother explained to me, Where does wisdom: «And you tarry with me and then argue!" My mother taught me «joke» live in reality: « I have you a million times to say: stop exaggerate! "My mother taught me not to envy: «In the world there are millions of poor children who do not have such wonderful parents like you!»

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