How to permanently lose his girlfriend. Tips are not worth following!

We are all artists when it comes to creating our own lives. While we know that love - this is the great gift that we can give and receive, the ability to keep love and protect it from wear - is an art, which we need to master. Love women held just so, if your face lingered in her heart, and because of this her loyalty can last much longer than it should. We are all faced with it, shaking his head and silently wishing that our friend quickly threw this imbecile of your life once and for all.

While the majority of women do not let their love and just struggling to save their sinking ship, yet there are several ways to lose the woman you love.

1. Forget about the cute little things and cease to hold her hand and looking into her eyes. B>

Women go crazy from the pleasant trifles. Perhaps movies and make us believe that the way to a woman's heart is through great deeds. However, it left a deep stuff typos in their souls. When you hold her hand, or look into the eyes, it awakens in her a sense of meaning for you. Stroked her hair, let distracted while talking and kiss goodbye - these points will remain in her memory at the time of parting.

2. Do not ask her questions and not try to learn it better. B>

Let her beauty and positive qualities to get your attention. Once a woman is aware that you really do not know about it, do not understand it and do not know any of her secret, she will think that means nothing to you, and leave. You can keep it for a short time, showering her with compliments for the beauty, but women really are smart, so she quickly will experience the lack of communication between you. Remember that a strong focus on the exterior throw you among the other men, who met in her life, but in fact it did not mean to.

3. Do not listen to a woman during a call, or better still, to interrupt and correct it, as she shares her concerns. B>

Women solve their problems and suppress stress through conversations with those who will listen. If you do not hear it, she would talk faster, constantly repeating and improving tone and, eventually, stop trying. At this point, her silence may mean that, despite the physical stay near you, contact between you significantly deteriorated.

4. Do not allow her to be confident in your love. B>

When a woman falls in love more and more, it often begins to push and test your lover readability questioned his actions, words and motives to see if he really who he claims to be. If you value your relationship - not an obstacle to this and try to treat such inspections understanding.

5. All comments are regarded as a claim against your character and aggressively respond to them. B>

Everybody hurts all afraid of something, and from time to time need to be comforted. Whatever it was, it should not take all the attacks on women in arms and take them as a personal insult. Make allowances for her emotionally.

6. Do not let her feel special and to be confident in the fact that she's your woman. B>

If you really value your relationship - forget about the other girls. Theta-wall - is that there should be only between you two. If you continue their ambiguous correspondence with her friends in social networks - your passion certainly thought that you are connected only .....

8. Stop joking with her and make her laugh. B>

Humor - it's one of the great tools that help keep the relationship for a long time and make them happy. Do not miss the opportunity to mention something funny that will make you both smile. Remember that laughter prolongs life, not only.

9. Continuing to dig into your phone while you're with her. B>

Of course, you have a lot of things: a lot of important calls that urgently need to do, and messages that will certainly need to read. But imagine yourself in the place of a girl who has to sit in front and quietly wait for you all the answers. It should be understood? Absolutely. One day she will understand you and will give you enough time to communicate by telephone. Forever.

The number 9 is considered a symbol of completeness in many traditions, so perhaps this will end. Unfortunately, many of us begin with a short effort and soon include the autopilot in relations, forgetting that the art of love requires constant practice. However, when really making efforts, we create a masterpiece that will delight us for many years.

He remembered a friend who does a lot of mistakes in their relationships - to share with him our advice, they will certainly be useful to him!


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