9 ways to lose the woman he loved ONCE AND FOR ALL

A few simple tips for men that can help to lose the woman he loves once and for all

"Love - the greatest thing in life┬╗
~ Pablo Picasso

With the passage of time Picasso painting style changed - and any such change could be timed to coincide with a new phase of his life. His blue-green period came after the suicide of his friend Carlos Kasagemosa and pink period coincided with the love of bohemian actress Fernanda Olivier.

When it comes to the creation of his own life, we all become artists, but at least we know what love is - the greatest gift we can give to someone or get away from it, over time it begins to fade. The ability to carry it through all the hardships of life, it did not put out the flames - this is the art that all of us should learn.

Once your face and voice is printed in a woman's heart, erase them out is not so simple, and often because of this, they remain faithful to us much longer than we deserve. We have all seen a similar relationship - usually in silence, shaking his head and wishing that this fairly clever and cute woman threw finally that the goat once and for all.

Although most women are not willing to give up his love, trying to at least save this sinking ship, there are some simple ways to lose the woman he loves once and for all:

1. Forget about the small things, like the one to take her by the hand and look into her eyes
Often women fall in love, it would seem quite minor detail. Watching romantic movies, you might think that the way to a woman's heart is through the grandiose acts committed with a theatrical sweep, but in fact the little things a lot easier to get into her mind and stay there. Just taking her hand - so for no reason - or look into the eyes during a conversation, can let her know that she does not really care about you. Touching her hair, your undivided attention during a conversation, and a kiss on the night - those happy moments that it would be removed from the memory when you are not around. We all know that the fastest way to kill the love - to begin to take it for granted, and if you decide to embark on a path leading into the abyss - start with the failure of all the "little things" that mean so much to your loved one. Stand up with her on this journey - and it will remain on it for long.

2. Do not ask her questions, and certainly do not try to know her better
Well, pretty and that she is beautiful enough to attract you. Really, what do you know about it something else? But that's only worth it to understand that you really did not know her, do not know, and did not share it with any secret, she will understand that you completely indifferent, and leave you - not now, then later. Yes, for a while, you can keep it close to constant compliments her beauty, but the women are smart, and sooner or later it will make out a compliment lurking emptiness. Yes, it is important to know that it attracts you physically, but if you are attracted to it only this, you are better than all the others, met on her way? But for them in her heart there was no place.

3. Do not listen to her, and even better - at a time when she decides to share with you the most secret, constantly interrupt, correct it and sypte left and right methods of solving its problems
Since ancient times women solve their problems and soothe the nerves with the help of intimate talk with those who are ready to listen to them. If you refuse to do it, it will start talking faster and faster, to repeat itself again and again, her words are all emotional, and one day she just stop trying something to tell you. And this silence will be for you a sure sign that even if she was still sitting next to you, heart and soul, she is no longer here.

4. Do not even allow her to become closer to you
As soon as she starts to ask you leading questions and ask about intentions - oschetintes like a hedgehog. Do not even think to remember that many women, scalded milk, and is now blowing over the water. When a woman starts to really fall in love, it often retreat half a step, and carefully check your words, deeds and motives, to make sure that you are really the one, the only. And no matter how much you together - a month, a year, ten years - it never ceases to feel you. And if you want her to stay with you, will you let her do it. And if she asks awkward questions and test the strength of your love - you know, it's not you, but the fact that she wants to be even closer to you.

5. Consider any reservation a personal insult, and behave with her like an enemy
We all happened to make a mistake, we all have our fears and weaknesses, but if you do not heal their wounds, most likely, will explode the flow of anger in response to even the most innocent cues, searching in them hidden - and is always the worst - meaning . So go ahead, instead of trying to deal with its negative, splash out on his lover as if he - your enemy, every word of which purports to insult and humiliate your dignity. To do so, and soon you will get rid of "the enemy┬╗.

6. Do not consider it special, and do not let her even think about it - your woman
It's very important - in what not to limit yourself, right? Oh, and do not limit - daily and openly flirt with other women, and try to keep your loved one with you tied unless regular relationship. Intimacy - something that relates only two, what not to share with others, look into the soul of a loved one. So why is it so bind themselves? Flirt on social networks, Send playful girlfriends SMS-ki, in general, make sure that you are with your loved one is not bound absolutely nothing special - only the relationship from time to time. Over time, it will certainly become just another girlfriend, who once was not averse to sleep with you.

7. Make your relationship the only expression of love
Stop kissing her just like that. Do this only if you want to climb under her skirt - that she knew that if she was not in the mood, then a kiss can not answer. Do not hug her outside of the bedroom, and forget that every day to flirt with her and communicate with her as you did before - but always expected from her passionate relationship.

8. Stop and jokes to make her laugh
Often it is the humor is the glue that ultimately holds the couple together. So start to behave very seriously and think of any trick - yes, even a hint of it - how stupid and childish. Studiously ignored all the funny little things that can make you both smile - it is best to do it, trying to come close to her as little as possible. Rather than devoting time to your loved one and laugh at his jokes, go do something really important to you - and over time it will surrender and go, allowing you to completely surrender to the necessary, important, and most importantly - a serious business.

9. Spending time with her, keep your eyes on the phone
Remember - your free time and attention is much more important than her time and attention. Know your beloved woman will be very happy to sit quietly in front of you and see how you respond to a very important SMS-ki and make calls that simply can not wait until tomorrow. Do not forget - it does not allow itself to do the same, simply because it had no important cases. Continue in the same spirit, and sooner or later it will leave you alone with your phone. Forever.

In many ancient texts, the authors limited the list of important things numeral 9. Perhaps I will follow their example. In any art there comes a time when it's time to stop thinking about what is it that you want to create, and have to start to create. Unfortunately, many of us believe that love is enough to make an effort in the beginning, and then let it go, forgetting that love, like any art, you need to constantly practice. But really daily practice will allow us to turn our love into a masterpiece that will be admired forever.


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