Laws of Yoga gurus formulated Ar Santema that everyone should learn to use them in the fight against manipulation majority


You know, what distinguishes yoga from Pilates? If it is very simplistic, then the only expression. Asanas of Yoga and static exercises of Pilates are not much different from each other. Significant differences in the state of consciousness. In any yoga pose, even when your body is twisted letter sic, should be carried out at peace with curiosity, if not with pleasure, but not by force. Perhaps that is why many adherents of this doctrine so simple outlook on life. Yogis difficult to manipulate. Their body and mind harmonious.

Not everyone has the time and desire to drive themselves into the framework of the doctrine or religion called yoga. But what exactly should learn from everyone, so it's outlook on life. They are simple and formulated yoga guru Ar Santema as 12 natural laws. They can be perfectly used in the fight against manipulation of the majority.

1. You have to - you and do
Every time in the conversation sounded the word "must" when it comes to the debt or obligation, it is worth asking the question, "Who cares?". Manipulators like to conceal the fact that the desired need them in the first place. For example, the phrase parents, "You need to find a job," stripped of manipulation, it would sound like this: "I need you to stop sitting on my neck and went to work." In the meantime, the young man did not have to go to work, it is convenient to sit on the neck.

2. Do not promise. If you promised - done
Remember how often under the pressure of other people you gave rash promises. The manipulator will specifically push you to give rash promises, and then exploit your guilt. Just do not promise, but if pledged - follow. Then the next time think twice before taking on extra obligations.

3. Do not ask - do not go
It often happens that we are guided by good intentions, do worse. We just do not ask for help. Then our efforts are taken for granted. Even worse, when, instead of one person asks another. Helping in this situation, we are violating the law, and yet, "You have to - you and do it." If you seem obvious that a person needs help, take the opportunity to ask him if he was ready to accept it is up to you. Suddenly the girl who got stuck in the heel of the drain grating rigged specifically to meet there so cute kid. And you, beech, and have spoiled everything. Could the same even ask.

4. please do not refuse
Any request involves gratitude. Manipulators tend to give empty promises or forget about the services. Perform the request, but do not hesitate to ask for the return service. Maybe even advance.

5. Live the present (and not the past and not the future)
One of the most important laws, from my point of view. It makes it easy to destroy manipulation comparison with you in the past. We never want to be worse than itself, it is often used by other people. For example, the manipulation of "In the past you had not been so" easily destroyed "Previously it was before." Promises sweet future promises half the killed bear skins immediately terminated after the question "So it will be then, and now you propose concretely?ยป.

6. Do not sink
How often do we cling to the person or object lesson? How this attachment can be strong without putting our composure under threat? Each your answer to this question. Just remember: with these emotional ties you to easily blackmailed. Do not let your loved ones to become household terrorists, do not sink.

7. Do not set a goal (the goal is to serve as a beacon)
For me, it was the strange law. For me it is important to be purposeful. To understand his wisdom took me some time. That's why I prefer it with the addition of the wording about the lighthouse. If the target is set incorrectly, then once it comes to achieve the devastation. Most likely, this goal imposed on you from outside. So always ask yourself or the people you for inspiring accomplishments, the question, "What next?". Take for example, is still one of the favorite phrases of all parents: "You need to get a higher education." And then what? Being a realtor, sales consultant, or starting a business can do without higher education.

8. Do not bother
The most brilliant of all the laws. They can and must be used in relation to himself and in relation to other people. The phrase "Do not bother, please" can work wonders. The main thing - to say it before you begin to experience irritation.

9. There is no bad weather
Act with the greatest philosophical potential. He learns to use every opportunity, including their mistakes. It is formulated differently in other systems. For example, in NLP it sounds like this: "There are no injuries, there is only feedback." So many of the surrounding will be happy to remind you of your failures or complain about how bad it around. With this approach, easily influence your mood. In these cases, remember that there are no good or bad, there is only your attitude.

10. Do not blame, criticize
Sometimes it is very hard to hold back and do not criticize other people. Only criticism is no use to anybody - you or others. Remember that. When you are once again to be condemned, listen but do not criticize in return. Here are my questions for the holder of the judges: "And what does that mean?", "How do you propose to change this situation?", "Why do you think only your correct assessment of the situation?". And the best just do not take wrong in his head, and heavy - up.

11. Do not transmit information without making it his (experience, skills, abilities)
If you do not check the information that spread further, you turn into a gossip. You say stop believing. This will gladly take advantage of your enemies. Communicating with other people, ask about how they have checked the information they report to you. Most of all it is not checked, becoming a victim of undercover games or political propaganda.

12. Everywhere and always ask permission
The law from the field of etiquette. Its use is not only insure you against extra effort, but you will create the image of a polite person. Just inquire with the inner confidence, otherwise it will look like eternal doubter eccentric. By the way, this law I could not help using, offering to ask about whether there should be individual assistance. Likewise, related and other laws with each other, thereby creating a mental shield against manipulation. Use it with a smile, as well as in the performance of the asanas.

In this case, if you do not mind, I'm done.

Nikita Galkin


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