Love acquired the status of rarity and scarcity...

The origins of our problems — in our fears. We were raised in fear, taught to live in fear and fear to measure our lives. We almost never talked about love, her strength, beauty, courage and ability to transform our lives. We hardly spoke about the great hearts that were able to give. And we used to believe that it should be.

And became comfortable being miserable, insecure, fearful. We are well versed in fears and prohibitions, and did not understand love. For us — this feeling is abstract and distant, but because, like all unfathomable and inaccessible, alien and dangerous in a simple routine.

Love acquired the status of rarity and scarcity. And we also have fear. We are accustomed to fear and unusual to love. Love or favorite someone people cause in our sensuous backwater to uncontrolled jealousy, rejection, guilt and resentment, but seldom joy and warmth.

We do not forgive someone's love, not to us, not for us, not with us. What is so wrong with love? Freedom. Power. The lack of boundaries and labels. Sincerity. Security.

It would seem that this is something that we all need. After all, if the world is filled up with happy, loving people, warm glances, confident hearts, will the world so much worse than he is?But we're afraid, especially to love themselves.

Not in response to someone's confident, clearly understandable love, in dreams we are melting spring snow, and himself to want to love, to give, to Shine, and there will be like. Just let them come, we are ready to love! Really? Are you ready to love? What are you willing I can want to suggest that love is easy Volos in your life? What do you want from love, you understand, because you've been waiting for her. And love it is clear what she needs from you? Whether you are vibrating in the key of love?

Or, hand on heart, it's not that, not what is not beautiful, curves, greedy, earn little, not persistent, not true, not athletic, not slim, not any more as you wait?

Waiting... sometimes looking up from the ambush in the periscope... We suffer fears your whole life and sometimes desperately crave to get rid of them. But lose them we are not afraid. But we are very scared that we may lose love, even if it is not, the dream of coveted. Sometimes so much that maybe even comes. Though so easy, familiar.

To lose fear we not afraid, — it after all native, familiar, it is all over. But we cramps afraid that we cut off that we're alone, we hurt, we lose someone's location, breaking someone's rules, postnum someone petrified foundations of their unexpected sincerity, honesty, God forbid, love.

The sense of loss we have only what we desire, longing to have (or already have), or to the fact that it has outlived its usefulness, but as usual, is rooted, stuck, got used to our emotions, to piercing and wounding of the notches.

How many people have ruined their lives with fears, insecurities, doubts, inhibitions, caution and excuses? And how many people are crushed, invaded, hooked them other people's lives? How many have we convicted, trampled, "taught"? Much love strangled in the Bud, how many seeking hearts ashamed, labels hung? A lot of used? How many impulses and aspirations dashed?

Everyone went through this experience. Where to come love? How much in your heart for love? Not if she would be a bit crowded? She's great. And small we do not expect.

How can anything be judged about love (especially someone else's) and implanted in all her human imperfection, excitedly justifying their fears and cowardice, but the essence of love is as simple as the essence of oxygen.

If you are really able to love, nothing is impossible to lose. If your heart recognized the love, you can not not love. The need for love is so high and natural that seek to control it, and to suppress, all seeking to gain power over the breath. This is extremely dangerous. But even this we are ready to go more than to obtain a natural essence of his existence.

We are ready to selflessly fall in judgment and crush "piety" to destroy themselves, to deprive themselves of life-giving air in the name of conformity, to fearlessly and brutally destroy each other, kill the love, but I'm afraid to continue, eagerly swallowing the air, inflating the lungs, but squeezing extra breath suffocating.

To lose love, if it is, is like losing life. This is only possible by ending their stay here. And that is what we unconsciously directed their life potential, spending it generously, defending and justifying, destroying and imposing. How much we built that is able to warm us in difficult times?

How much love we managed to keep it? How much love is stored in our archives, our assets, our gifts? The worst thing that can befall you in the love — it will change your life forever.

If you are afraid to open the window at least slightly open the window, breathe in the fresh breath of air and ask yourself at this point — if tomorrow one of us will die, whether this desperate struggle for their fears is important? How much have you spent yourself on love, and as much insulated from it?..

If you are scared, ask yourself: "What's the worst that can happen if I make a move? But if you have only a year of life, whether it is those fears and hesitation?" And if Yes — stay where you are. If not, and it stubbornly breaks through the numerous walls and obstacles cluttered enclosure, — make this step.


Indecision is a decision to leave things as they are

Stop giving


Don't rush and don't look back, all conscious changes, is the road to yourself. Easy steps — just the usual. You will never be nothing worse than what you can handle, because we are actively involved in their own lives, whether we want it consciously or not. And influence we are much stronger than flexible used to think.

You can check it in every day, in simple solutions, in familiar cases. Your life no one except you. And no one but you, for it is not the answer. published

© Tatiana Baruch



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