He saw a car that drove up to the little girl ... What he did deserves respect.

One of my friends recently told me a situation that touched me deeply. Sometimes it seems that these sincere people just extinct on our planet. But no! What you read on, you will convince even for a fraction of a minute again to believe in humanity.

Three days ago, I drove her daughter to school. On the way to the daughter (her 10 years) went to the store. From the shop to the house 300 meters. It goes next to the machine, he wants to walk. I'm going slowly. From the looks that the adult uncle persuades the child to sit in the car. I>

is attached back to Beha. I began to think what this movie barked at her. She sits. A man from Behi traveled, walked, walked, said ... i>

- The girl, who is for you, this uncle? i>

- Dad. i>

- What's his name? i>

- Sergei. i>

I say so and last name called. Then I showed the right. And with words of gratitude I shook his hand. A man! Thank you! I have never eaten by a picture. I promise. After all, this could be to anyone. i>

I have just entered the place of this man. My life for it! Never, do you hear, you can never pass such cases. Be humane and compassionate, because only such people make the world a better place. Share the true story all!

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