When he picked up the can, I do not think that this is something to come out. But after 7 minutes, I could not believe my eyes!

This artist has decided right on the streets of Rome to casual passers-create the whole picture. For this, he took up an ordinary balloon. To tell the truth, at first I thought that would come of nothing special. But it took just seven minutes - and he quickly bit chaotic movement has created something very special. A talented artist must not only be able to draw beautifully, but also to be able to present their art. There is a guy that came out of all 5+. Simply fantastic! Mandatory inspection until the end!

It turns out, is not only a great artist, but also kind-hearted man. Look how carefully he behaves with children, offering them a special mask for protection. It is not necessary to be a professional to create such beautiful things. This artist is an amateur, not only managed to create a masterpiece, but also lifted the mood of bystanders. Share this unforgettable street art to your friends.



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