9, the most expensive food in the world to ruin even a millionaire. It seems people are mad!

Sometimes the desire for luxury bordering on recklessness, and then the food is not just a source of strength and energy, and insane whim. It is the most expensive culinary masterpieces, which are able to strike even the most thick wallets gourmets. Their value is measured not in tens and hundreds and even thousands of conventional units. When you know the price of these dishes, you probably lost your appetite.

Golden cupcakes Suite
This tasty muffin with 24-carat gold will cost you as much - $ 1228.

Royal Yubari melon
This melon with orange flesh - a hybrid of the two musk melon - is the most expensive delicacy in Japan. The price of such a juicy and sweet fruit discharge suite is about $ 26,000.

I never thought that the food from fast food will go down in the list. This exclusive burger costing $ 5000 you can enjoy in Las Vegas at the restaurant Fleur de Lys. You may ask: what kind of miracle ingredients are part of it? Wagyu beef, foie gras, black truffles and truffle sauce make this burger the most expensive sandwich in the world.

rolls from Chef ANGELITA Araneta Jr.
The author of this culinary masterpiece has become a Filipino chef ANGELITA Araneta. Portion of 4 rolls, wrapped in 24-karat gold leaf, worth about $ 2750.

White Iranian caviar "Almas»
It turns out that the most expensive caviar in the world - it's not black. Caviar beluga albino worth about 7-10 thousand dollars per kilogram. Such eggs produces the only company in the world that is located in Iran - House Almas.

White truffles
This is one of the rarest and most expensive mushroom in the world. A kilo of mushrooms will cost you a fortune - about 230 thousand dollars.

Pizza «Royale 007»
This is an exclusive pizza from the famous chef Domenico Corolla. Filling this incredibly expensive dish that Domenico was able to sell at $ 4,200, consists of the following ingredients: lobster soaked in brandy, eggs, tomato sauce, Scottish smoked salmon, venison medallions, balsamic vinegar. Top 30-centimeter pizza decorated with leaves of edible 24-karat gold.

Desert «Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence»
The structure of this part of the Italian dessert gold leaf. This will cost you $ 14,500 in sweetness.

Dessert of ice-cream "Strawberries Arnaud»
It is the most expensive dessert in the world can be enjoyed in the restaurant of the Arno, in New Orleans. Cost per serving - about $ 1400000. The fact that each berry dessert out of this pickle in the unlikely fault, and he finished the dessert is decorated with 5-carat pink diamond from the collection of Ernest Kessel.

The rule "the more - the better" does not always work, especially in the case of food. Sometimes favorite dessert, bought nondescript restaurant, might seem more appetizing than rolls wrapped in gold foil and seasoned with stones Swarovski. Tell me about these most expensive dishes your friends.

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