Harmless trip turned into a nightmare! 7 schoolgirls brought an unexpected gift to your parents ...

It is considered that school trips - it is interesting and informative activities that help to consolidate the children's collective. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case. For example, school trips, which we describe today, turned into a disaster.

The school in the town of Bandja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) organized a 5-day trip to Sarajevo for their students. 28 schoolgirls aged 13-14 went to the capital to explore the cultural and historical attractions. But the administration of the institution and could not imagine what could be the consequences of this event. The fact is that after a while it was reported that seven students got pregnant right during the trip.

It's hard to say who is to blame for the incident - the teacher, who did not notice the children, or the parents of the girls who have not given them proper education and a clear idea about what you can do and what - you can not.

Nenad Babic, National Coordinator of Health of the Republic of Srpska, says that both sides are to blame. According to him, teenage pregnancy - a big problem for the country. In particular, in Sarajevo last year was recorded 31 pregnancies among minors. Given that the city's population - 300,000 in all, these figures are frightening.

According to the anonymous surveys, the number of sexually active adolescents aged 13-15 years has increased significantly in recent years. Obviously parents should better look after their children and more interested in their personal lives. In this age of information technology it will be quite a challenge. But what could be more important than the health and future of our children?

The incident badly. But still it's flowers in comparison with the history of the 5-year-old girl who became the youngest mother in medical history.

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