These images shocked the world, but few people know about their creators. Who are they - brilliant pictures?

The works of these photographers were recognized as the best in history. They fixed the iconic moments of famous people, important events.

These photos become part of the consciousness of each of us, left their mark on the cultural heritage of mankind.

And if you thought about who is the author of these photos? American photographer Tim Mantoani decided to lift the veil of secrecy and created this series of photos titled "Legends Photos».

His photo Tim did the old "Polaroid", which is why they went to the edge of streaks, which gave them greater authenticity. Under the pictures of the hand written text - a small excursion into the history of a particular photograph.

1. Steve Mc Curry "Afghan girl». B>

The picture was taken in Peshawar, Pakistan in 1984. Photographer tried again to find this girl, and after 17 years, finally found her in 2002. Her name Sharbat Gula. B>

2. Jeff Uaydner «Beijing 1989». B>

This photo is also called the "Tank Man". It unarmed man alone holds back a column of tanks. B>

3. Harry Benson «The Beatles». B>

The manager just said the group "The Beatles", they - the number one band in America.

4. Lyle Ouerko «9/11». B>

The collapse of the skyscrapers on September 11.

5. Mary Ellen Mark "Ringmaster with an elephant». B>

This photo was taken in India. It depicts a circus ringmaster Prakash Singh and his beloved elephant Shyama. B>

6. Thomas Mangelsen "Brown Bear». B>

In 1988, the photographer spent a week near the waterfall with bears, hoping to catch the frame you want, but he was disappointed. Thomas Mangelsen very surprised when I showed the film and saw this picture - he did not remember how to do it. B>

7. David Dabilet "cycle barracuda». B>

Barracudas are arranged in a circle to protect themselves from possible attack. This cycle affects the accuracy of the lines, in the nature of the ocean is rarely found. B>

8. May Pang "John Lennon». B>

The photo shows John Lennon and his son Julian during the summer holidays in 1974.

9. Mail Leifer "Ali vs. Liston». B>

May 25, 1965, in Lewiston, Maine, United States.

10. Vincent Laforet, "I and my people». B>

Photographer - amateur aerial survey, believes that because the pictures are more intimate.

11. Bob Gruen "John Lennon». B>

This is one of the unofficial pictures that was meant for advertising.

12. Elliott Erwitt "Two dogs with the owner». B>

This photo Elliott Ervit made in 1974 not far from his home.

13. Lori Grinker "Mike Tyson». B>

While still a young girl, Lori Grinker rented young boxers. Mike Tyson, she continued to photograph for ten years. B>

14. Nick Ut "Napalm in Vietnam». B>

The photo shows the attack napalm bombs in a village in South Vietnam.

15. Herman Leonard "Jazz musician». B>

The photographer managed to remove many of the legends of jazz during the day rehearsals in New York in 1948.

16. Douglas Kirkland "Marilyn Monroe». B>

The picture from the series "My Evening with Marilyn».

17. Carl Fischer, "Mohammed Ali». B>

New York, 1967.

This photoselection - a great opportunity to get acquainted not only with the world famous cult image, but also to learn a bit about the history of their creation and look at their authors. And here you can see 15 of the most expensive pictures in the history of mankind.


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