25 gritty images of women from all over the world, proving that beauty is everywhere!

One day a photographer from Romania, Mihaela Norok quit her job and started a new life. Two years ago, she took her backpack, camera and set out on a world tour, during which pictures of hundreds of representatives of different cultures from around the world.

Her project is called "Atlas of beauty." In it through portraits of beautiful women from all over the world presented the diversity and richness of our planet. As confessed Michaela, travel around the world a good blow to its pocket. But the photographer learned from his extensive valuable experience. She realized that beauty is everywhere. And it is not in the cosmetics or parameters of the figure, but the ability to be themselves.

International fashion houses are calling us to follow trends and monotonous look the same, but we are all different, this is the essence of beauty. In the end, each of us has their own idea of ​​beauty ... And it's great!

Tibetan Plateau, China

Maramures, Romania

The Baltic Sea, Finland

Shiraz, Iran

The Valley of the Omo River, Ethiopia

Yangon, Myanmar


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