20 moving pictures that will conquer even the most callous people. Instead of a thousand words...

No wonder people say that a talented photographer who knows how to catch the perfect moment and capture it - its weight in gold. But it's not just professional artists and excellent technique. I came to a really good shot, that will not leave anyone indifferent person, very important emotions and feelings. Sometimes it happens that a photograph taken in the most moving and important moments of life, which is tsenee than footage of a carefully prepared taking pictures in the studio.

He wants to share with you a selection of amazing photos that hit to the core. They show us life in different parts of our planet. They show completely different people and emotions, but there is one thing that unites them - a soul. It seems that this is the case when one picture - instead of thousands of words. Just look and feel. I'm sure you will not stay indifferent.

1. When the enemy suddenly finds himself the savior ...

2. This baby weighs just 500 grams. And today he has conquered death. B>

3. Grandpa will not give the abyss! B>

4. The most cheerful princess in the world. Princes already fighting for her hand and heart ...

5. When the opinion speaks for itself ...

6. The blind man hugging his dog-guide - the most loyal friend. B>

7. All in need of care and affection! B>

8. She received a diploma at the bedside of his terminally ill mother. Pride for the graduate! B>

9. Irish rugby player Brian O'Driscoll shares his victory with the most devoted fan. Happiness is. B>

10. To do this, you wet nose - the whole world. B>

11. In this American family with three children, born 08.08.08, 09.09.09 and 10.10.10. Here it is called, to win the lottery. B>

12. This dog was taken away from a shelter. In the photo - the difference in one day. What else do you want to add? B>

13. The boy, who managed to overcome cancer. B>

14. Brilliant one guy set speed limiter - a photo of her daughter. B>

15. Oh, those daughters and mothers ...

16. My mother tummy - my mother on the handles. The difference between the photo - eight months. B>

17. The world is not without good people. B>

18. The one that has managed to survive. This girl got lost and spent over a week in the Siberian taiga. B>

19. In sickness and in health, till death do us part! B>

20. Understanding without words. B>

How much more photos! Looking at them, you realize that here it is - life. With the whole range of feelings, emotions and experiences. No wonder they say that life - it's not the days that have passed, and those who remember. As well, thanks to pictures that you can return to these genuine moments again and again. These images prove that life is very fleeting, and full of surprises, pleasant and not. Let each days are numbered, but the memory - is eternal. Seize the moment!

Share defying these photos with friends - they will reconsider their times, be sure!

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