10 incredible archaeological discoveries, which you can hardly tell at school.

Admit it, you're in good time, as many of us wanted to be like Indiana Jones and go in search of lost treasure. But first it was necessary to learn to be an archaeologist, and it is - it's not easy. Life archaeologist certainly not as interesting as the adventure of Dr. Jones. Learning - a rather boring thing, it's not something you've dreamed of. You wanted everything at once.

Nevertheless, archaeologists sometimes come across some very interesting finds and the archaeological discoveries, we have to admit, not less steep than the mysterious Ark of the Covenant. The team has prepared for you 10 incredible archaeological discoveries, which you probably do not have to read in the history books. It's incredible!

L'Anse aux Meadows
It is believed that the discovery of the so-called New World belongs to Columbus, but this settlement in Newfoundland shows that the Vikings were the first who made it to North America. According to studies, the Vikings founded this place about 1000 years ago. Scientists estimate that the territory of Newfoundland lived no more than 30-160 people who a few years later left the island.

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This temple complex is located in the town of Cuzco (Peru) - former capital of the Inca Empire. These nagromazhdeniya stones placed together so tightly that you can hardly find a gap, which could push an ordinary sheet of paper. Rumor has it that this unique building once served as a fortress.

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This town was built in 2600 BC. e. in present-day Pakistan. This is one of the first cities in the history of mankind and one of the most developed cities in South Asia. Residents even built a road, and the local drainage system resembles a modern sewer system. About 700-900 years later, the city was abandoned for unknown reasons. Incredibly, the archaeologists first discovered it only in 1922.

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Gate of the Sun
Located in the western part of Bolivia, the gate is a stone monolith belonging to the civilization of Tiwanaku. 1500 years ago there was an empire that stretched from Peru to the western part of Bolivia. It should be noted, it was one of the most powerful at the time of the peoples that their power could be compared only with the Incas.

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Network Tunnel Stone Age
Just a few years ago, scientists had the luck to make a startling discovery - they discovered a huge network of tunnels built by people who lived in the Stone Age. This tunnel has entangled the whole of Europe: it extends from Scotland to Turkey. The underground construction had a funny name - Highway.


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