25 questions about the school that he can't answer in one word

The first of September passed, students begin the school routine. Adults want to know how the school their child, but the problem is that on the standard question "How was today at school?", children often answer "fine" or "all is well". Psychologists know that this happens not so much because of the breach of communication between parent and child, but because of incorrectly asked questions.

If you are familiar with this situation, below we publish 25 creative questions from resourceful parents. These questions will help to "talk" the child-the younger school student and will give you the opportunity to know how actually he fared.

1. What you today did you like best in school? What's not to like?

2. Tell me what made you smile today.

3. If you could choose who to sit, who would it be? And with whom you sit absolutely do not want? Why?

4. Where in school do you like most?

5. Tell me some strange word that you learned today.

6. If I would complain to the teacher and ask about you, she will tell me?

7. How are you today have helped(and) classmates?

8. And today you helped someone?

9. Tell me what you learned today(a).

10.Felt(a) do you feel happy today(oops)? When?

11. Was it at school today, something boring?

12. If suddenly in your class flew a space ship with aliens and would want someone from the disciples to pick, who would you give them(a)?

13. The guys with whom you have not played(a), like(a) would play at recess?

14. Tell me, what good happened today at school.

15.What is the word today, the teacher repeated more often than others?

16. What more did you want(a) to know?

17. What do you think the school has too much? What would you really like to do less?

18. If the class boy or girl with whom you could(La) behave better?

19. Where do you play at recess more often?

20. Who is the funniest in your class? As we can all laugh?

21. What dish in the school cafeteria the most delicious?

22. If tomorrow you needed to become a teacher, what would you do(a)?

23. As you think about whether someone of the students in your class to leave? Why?

24. If you could(La) to switch places with another student in the class, who would it be and why?

25. When you're in school take(a) a pen and why?



"To teach means to praise": a mother of three children about assessment and dissatisfied teachers ofChildren's lies: What's behind the mask of deception

Answers to some questions might surprise you. For example, you suddenly find out that the child doesn't want to sit next to best friend, to be able to play more and socialize with other children.

Go to the creative process: don't be afraid to come up with new questions about spaceships and superheroes. Promise that the result in the form of exciting school stories not long to wait! published



Source: www.ya-roditel.ru/parents/base/experts/voprosov-rebenku-o-shkole-na-kotorye-on-ne-smozhet-otvetit-odnim-slovom/


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