So, what I did not tell you the lessons of anatomy. 33 incredible secrets of the human body.

You should remember the lessons boring anatomy, of which you managed to extract a little something for yourself for the future. It was hard not to get lost among the kilometer-long sections of a textbook on anatomy. And now you can hardly boast of their knowledge of the human body. But prepared for you 33 incredible secrets of the human body, of which you have never heard from the lips of the teachers in the school. It's time to solve and catch up!

1. The body of an adult human consists of a transcendental number of atoms. It is neither more nor less - 7000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 (7 octillion). For comparison, take into account the fact that in our galaxy there are about 300 billion stars from.

2. Many studies show that when a person is in love, his mind produced a mix of neurotransmitters and hormones, equal to that which the person receives when taking amphetamines. That they cause severe agitation, rapid heart rate, loss of appetite and sleep.

3. It turns out to relieve stress, you need a good cry. "Letting off steam" with the help of tears, so you relieve tension and reduce the feeling of sadness and anger.

4. The human brain allows him to read about 1000 words per minute.

5. The human body is able to warm anyone, because the heat that it generates only 30 minutes, enough to boil about 4 liters of water.

6. Your body is composed of 96 000 kilometers of blood vessels. Incredibly, this would be enough to wrap the earth twice.

7. You would not even know how old you are. The atoms that make up your body, it's the same atoms that were formed about 13 and 7 billion years ago.

8. It turns out that your stomach mucosa is very shy. When you blush with embarrassment, she blushes for you, too.

9. We all live in blissful ignorance of what we have, it would seem incredible ability to glow in the dark. But our vision is, unfortunately, does not allow us to see it.

10. For each kilogram of fat and muscle your body produces 10 kilometers of new blood vessels.

11. You will laugh when you know that the human DNA by 50% identical to the DNA of a banana.

12. Fingers man so sensitive that if they were the size of an entire planet, you'd still be able to feel the difference between a house and a car.

13. Your navel - a whole jungle. There are thousands of bacteria that form a huge ecosystem to such an extent.

14. If it were not for the lens of our eyes, we could see ultraviolet light. Sometimes people who have undergone surgery to remove the lens, acquire the ability to see ultraviolet light.

15. Each of us has a titanic force that can match the strength of Hercules. Just our muscles is actually a lot harder than it seems. But our body envisaged to limit this effect, especially to people not injured muscles and tendons. This limitation is able to remove the adrenaline - that under its influence people can lift boulders and even entire cars.

16. His scalp we can compete only with chimpanzees. But most of our hair is useless and so thin that practically invisible when viewed with the naked eye.

17. The human eye is so sensitive that if the Earth was flat, you could see the night light from the flickering candle at a distance of about 30 kilometers.

18. We - the best long-distance runner on the planet. We could even compete with the fastest animals in the world. I do not believe it, but a few thousand years ago, we were able to drive our production for as long as she did not die from exhaustion.

19. Human bones as strong as granite. A small piece of bone the size of a matchbox can withstand up to 9 tons of weight.

20. Your body is in constant motion. Every second, it produces about 25 million new cells.

21 people every month completely refreshes your skin. In general, throughout your life you "discard" about 40 kilograms of skin. Here we carry such a burden on themselves!

22. If the human brain worked like a computer, it would have to perform 38,000 trillion operations per second. It can not be compared even with the most powerful computer in the world that is able to perform only 0, 002% of this.

23. Loneliness can become not only a cause of depression, but also capable of causing physical pain. This should motivate you to actively communicate with others.

24. We have all heard that created in the image and likeness of God. And, in fact, connected neurons of the brain are like the structure of the universe.

25. The focusing muscles of your eyes move around 100,000 times a day. To train the same muscles of his legs, you will need to pass an average of 80 kilometers a day.

26. About 90% of our cells make the mushrooms and bacteria. From this, it becomes somehow not on itself.

27. Your intuition leads you not. Along with all five known senses of hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste, people also have a 15 "others" feelings. Among them, the balance, temperature, pain, time, intuition, and in addition, the inner feeling of suffocation, thirst and satiety, and other.

28. It has long been no secret that men are bad distinguish colors, and especially - their shades. Most people have three types of color receptors, and some women have their 4 or 5. This super-ability allows them to see a rich range of colors.

29. The reason why we cry, affects the shape of our tears. If you look at them under a microscope, the tears of sorrow, joy and tears while cutting onions look very differently.

30.Ty much richer than you think. We all consist of 0, 2 milligrams of gold, which is distributed by our blood. To really get rich, you need blood 40,000 people.

31. Our insatiable brain uses 20% oxygen and calories that consumes the human body. He himself is only 2% of body weight of an adult.

32. A condition called "synesthesia," gives us the opportunity to experience the feeling of one with another. For example, some people managed to taste the sounds or hear colors.

33. It would seem vital ability to breathe due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide rather than oxygen demand. If there was another way to withdraw carbon dioxide from the blood, we could breathe about once a minute.

I hope you discover many new and interesting! All these facts indicate that the man - a miracle of nature. Tell us about these incredible secrets of the human body to your friends.

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