That's what pets are ready to let go on the road owner. They are not so easy to get off!

A man with a pet, often becomes harder to climb. It's not so easy to break in, and a guided tour when you watch a silent reproach to those faces sweetly sad eyes. Pets do not like it when their man for a long time somewhere disappears. Even the cat, known single, very hard to tolerate prolonged absence in the house of the owner. The heroes of this collection is by looking at the decisive action of other pets, they took matters into his own paws. Man going somewhere? Do not worry, we'll go with it, along any road will be more fun. Swears? He pulls out of a suitcase? Oh, these people did not understand them ...

1. "Poor pakuesh suitcases each, very bad. As soon found somewhere to lie down! » B>

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2. "Well, when we leave something?» B>

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3. "These clothes can wait. First, download the most important thing - me! » B>

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4. "Where are going, man?» B>

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5. I snuggle! B>

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6. This has achieved its goal - now he has a personal home-suitcase! B>

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7. "What's wrong?» B>

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8. "Hmmm ... Perhaps, you will have to sleep here often». B>

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9. "The road is ready, the master!» B>

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10. "Not enough is your bag, then!» B>

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Furry stubborn hard to argue! Those of us who had to pull out of the bewildered cat suitcase on customs inspection, definitely agree with this statement! So carefully check your belongings when out on the road!

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