Who do you see in this picture? You'll be amazed to find out the answer!

This figure contains the image of a horse, though at first glance it may seem that there is clearly only drawn a toad. But do not jump to conclusions, and peer into the picture more closely. Personally to me 5 minutes later everything became clear.

The picture that you see in front of you, not as straightforward as it seems at first glance. And the fact that many do not see the horse here, because our eyes are in strict subordination to the brain and see only what he tells them. If you are sure that there is a toad - you see it was her, but you are very surprised when they spend a little time and still find the horse in the picture. Now your brain will perceive this picture in a different way.

So, you have 5 minutes. Carefully Look at this picture and try to find her a horse. B>

Can not? Then let's see what is the secret! B>

Ta-dum! Here it is, the horse! B>

Amazing, is not it? Hard to believe that such a simple optical trick could cause our brain to send a team to our eyes only see what is more obvious. Perhaps we should be more attentive to detail?



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