This girl has survived breast cancer. What she did after, shocked millions!

Alas, from deadly illnesses no one is immune. What would a healthy lifestyle or led people to eat no matter what, no matter how trying to protect themselves from stress, the disease may appear suddenly in the most unexpected moment. Internet magazine decided not to remain silent about the most important. Today we will tell you the story of a girl who found the courage to share their experiences with the world. And, to make it quite frank and shocking way.

Imagine an ordinary 23-year-old girl-Laughs, full of strength and energy, who enjoys life and does not even mean that soon everything turned upside down when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. The share fell Allison Sner lot: she was forced to go through a double mastectomy (surgery to remove the breast) and several courses of chemotherapy. After that, she decided to go on a very desperate act that stunned millions of people. Do not rush to condemn Allison, very soon you will understand what the aims and what she wanted to achieve, so starring in a candid photoshoot.

Allison's whole life in an instant lost its meaning in May last year when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The tumor was malignant. In such cases, one way out - the removal of the breast. She decided to go under the knife, knowing what was coming. But turning back was not there. B>

After surgery to remove the breast Allison has gone through several cycles of chemotherapy. She lost her breast, hair, her overall health worsened tenfold. But even this horror did not break the brave girl - she was able to look into the eyes of his problem. B>

Allison decided to document what was happening in her life. To do this, she chose a rather unusual format: Removal nude in a candid photoshoot so that the picture was clearly visible head without hair and the place where the breast used to be. «Many women want to forget as quickly as possible the horror, but not me. It is an integral part of my life and it shapes me for what I am today » i>, - said Ellison. B>

Believe me, she is not pursuing the goal of becoming famous, bare to the public, as it is doing now, alas, every second. So she would not like to say, and shout to the world that guarantee in the future no one else but the terrible disease can overtake everyone regardless of age, creed, sex, color or financial position. B>

The girl was lucky to work with the talented photographer Bruce Moyle, who was filled with the history of Allison and with it developed the concept of the photo project.

This Sner photos from her personal pages on social networks. Thanks to makeup and wig she looked spectacular even during prohodzheniya course of chemotherapy. B>

Photo: Facebook

All this time, Allison kept her boyfriend, 19-year-old Dwayne Darcy. He never parted with his beloved for a moment to the moment when she was diagnosed. B>

Photo: Facebook

With such strong support from a loved one, Allison did not lose heart and courageously endured all those difficult circumstances, falling on her like a bolt from the blue.

Photo: Facebook

By the way, happy couple intends to get married soon and is even thinking about the children. That's what makes people belief in a better! B>

Photo: Facebook

I have no doubt that you are struck by the young Allison Act, which took part in a candid photoshoot and appeared topless in front of the audience. What she experienced, worthy of deep respect for her. And thank God, that near the girl in such a difficult time was close to the man who fully supported it. And how do you look at this method of attracting public attention to the problem of cancer?

I'm sure you'll tell this to all my friends post - such information can not be silent!


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