10 methods that use vile people. You should know what you're dealing with!

Not all people in our surroundings wish us well. But worst of all, when did not immediately realize that the mind of this or that person, until after a while. These people put a spoke in your wheel and sprinkle with salt wounds, justifying it by the fact that they want for you only the very best.

Someone once said: "It is better to have an intelligent enemy than other smart-ass." But these people do not disappear just because we wanted it. It is important to learn to recognize them in their environment, to be able in time to take action. And just to know who is who, very helpful. Some of the following methods to influence vile people you probably already know some of you are new. After reading this article, you will understand what is the true face of these people who may have in your environment.

1. They want you to feel insecure
These people from the skin over themselves to shake your confidence. Among the methods to achieve this goal can be anything: criticism, lies, hypocrisy, manipulation.

2. Project their feelings on you
Projecting feelings expressed in the fact that you do not like the man, and he accuses you that it is you do not like. Or he used to lie and say the same thing about you. At the same time he will try to bring you a feeling of guilt in relation to it, or simply make to doubt themselves, their decisions and actions.

3. They know how to manipulate
If you feel that strongly become someone has to or is required, be sure that you simply properly manipulated.

4. Impose their views
Such people can present their thoughts about you as public opinion.

5. Exaggerate the truth
Once they notice a speck of dust on your desk, and they will tell everyone what your house a mess.

6. Bute surreptitiously
When such people before something to say, say they do not want to upset you or disappointed, then, in fact, this is what they seek.

7. Their words have a double message of
They may ask a simple question, for example, ask, how are you doing in such a tone that you want to beat them, and then will tell everyone what you're rude.

8. They did not hesitate to cut off the conversation
These people translate the conversation in the right direction to them, because they love to listen only to themselves. Do not be surprised if they cut off the conversation, which does not entail any benefit.

9. Fans put ultimatums
Either I or friends / favorite hobby / fun activity / work / family (underline).

10. Looking for an opportunity to clip the wings of
You can create the appearance of good relations and support, but when it's a difficult time, these people will be happy to do anything to make it worse. For example, you begin to criticize, and not happy about going to that shared problem.

Learn to recognize the false-wishers around you, and your life will be qualitatively better. We share this important information with your friends!

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