'43 She pretended man to feed his family. An act worthy of respect!

This woman from Egypt, half of my life pretending to be a man to get a job. After the death of her husband Sisa Abu Dauch was left alone with her little daughter in her arms. At the time, the place where she lived, women's work is not strongly encouraged, so she decided to take extreme measures. He is pretending to be a man, a woman working in the construction, loading bricks and cement in the neighboring towns, to be sure that no one will know it. Yet there were people who understood that she is deceiving: one began to shower her choicest insults, others simply ignored. This exemplary mother decided it would not go begging on the street, and took any job to earn a living for themselves and the child.

Such dedication rarely seen. Even when her husband became ill daughter, Sis Abu Dauch again began to have the whole family working shining shoes at railway station. Egyptian says that it is ready to do anything for her child and grandchildren. She also notes that so accustomed to male appearance, which does not leave him today, when no longer required.

In '64 Sis Abu Dauch received the award as the best mother. Now, she does not need to pretend and roach on hard work. Share Stories about this incredible Egyptian woman with your friends!

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