These stellar mom became parents after 40. And they have all turned out beautifully!

In modern society, after a certain age to have children it is simply not accepted. Perhaps, one simply can not bear, as if they did not want others amenable to the opinion of the majority and for all forget about his dream to become parents rosy-cheeked toddler. But these 30 star moms have the heart to give birth to babies after 40. They are fully satisfied with their lives, and I want to believe that the decision of his absolutely do not regret. Of course, none of them can no longer be young modern and communicate with their children almost on equal terms, but does that make them bad mothers?

1. Nicole Kidman gave birth to her daughter, 41. B>

Photography: Sipa Press

2. Marcia Cross, actress, best known for the TV series "Desperate Housewives," has got a couple of twins, when she was almost 45. B>

Photo: Beverly News

3. Gwen Stefani gave birth to a son at 44. B>

Photo: Paul Hiffmeyer

4. Singer Celine Dion was the mother of beautiful twins, when she was 42. B>

Photo: Steve Marcus

5. Kim Basinger had a daughter at 41. B>

Photo: Matt Sayles

6. Uma Thurman gave birth to her third child in the 42. B>

Photo: Andrew H. Walker

7. Helen Hunt was the mother girl in 40 years. B>

Photo: REX Features

8. Thandie Newton, actress, best known for the movie "Mission Impossible", became a mother at 41. B>

Photo: Mario Anzuoni

9. Eva Mendes gave birth to a first child at age 40. B>

Photo: Sonia Recchia

10. Meryl Streep gave birth to a fourth child when she was 42. B>

Photo: Bryan Bedder

11. Jane Seymour became a mother of twins, when she was 44. B>

Photo: Jim Smeal

12. Amanda Peet has acquired a third child in 42 years. B>

Photo: Danny Moloshok

13. Model Elle Macpherson is planning to have another baby at 51. B>

Photo: Steve Mitchell

14. Salma Hayek gave birth to a daughter, 40. B>

Photo: Francois Durand

15. Halle Berry has got a second child at age 47. B>

Photo: John Shearer

16. Julianne Moore became a mother for the second time in 41. B>

Photo: Cindy Ord

17. Mira Sorvino has given birth to her fourth child at 44. B>

Photo: Diane Bondareff

18. Madonna gave birth to a son at 42. B>

Photo: REX Features

19. Kelly Preston gave birth to a son at 48. B>

Photo: Jordan Strauss

20. Geena Davis in 46 years gave birth to a daughter, and two years later - the twins. B>

Photo: Omar Vega

21. Annette Bening has given birth to the youngest daughter of 42 years. B>

Photo: Francis Specker

22. Marcia Gay Harden gave birth to twins at age 44. B>

Photo: David Livingston

23. Mariah Carey became the mother of twins at 41. B>

Photo: Angela Weiss

24. Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, gave birth to her fourth child at the age of 45 years. B>

Photo: Alex Lentati

25. Jennifer Connelly was the mother of a daughter 40. B>

Photo: Startraks Photo

26. Susan Sarandon had her first son at 42, and the second - in 45. B>

Photo: Evan Agostini

27. Brooke Shields became a mother in girls 41. B>

Photo: Sonia Moskowitz

28. Courtney Cox, star of TV series "Friends", her first child at 41. B>

Photo: REX Features

29. Beverly D'Angelo in 49 years gave birth to twins by Al Pacino. B>

Photo: Kevork Djansezian

30. Emma Thompson gave birth to a daughter, 40. B>

Photo: Matt Sayles

Practice shows that age does not always get in the way for a woman to have a baby. And what about this do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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