This is perhaps the most insane attraction that I've ever seen! Even look scary ...

Your life is boring and it does not have enough adrenaline? Do not worry, now there are a variety of ways to tickle your nerves. Even if far from your home to Disneyland with his crazy roller coaster ride, but there is no school nearby parachutists, then do not worry. This generator of adrenaline can be built almost anywhere and at relatively low cost. The video shows a simple, but absolutely mad ride, which even look scary.

The recipe of this extravagant entertainment is simple. Take the gum from bungee jumping, which jump from bridges and cliffs. We stretch the rubber band on the big slingshot. And now this bullet from a slingshot all comers! The sea of ​​adrenaline and excitement guaranteed! The main thing is to establish this attraction in a pretty lonely place, so as not to ram the flying foreign objects.

If you wish, you can catapult the human variety. Team offers a set target in the form of a pig, and put on a brave head helmet with the image of Angry Birds. Now, the most daring visitors to this attraction will not only get their dose of adrenaline, but also to arrange a competition on accuracy.

If your friends love to tickle your nerves to such rides, you will certainly share with them this video. They will be delighted by this idea!

via ofigenno ru


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