He wanted to take away all the money in the world. But the female mind has won the men's greed ...

Many of us regularly hear a reminder that, in addition to wealth, there is also something more expensive. Do not forget that we are surrounded by others who love us and expect the same in return. If all his life to focus only on the money, the result is no room for more important moments.

So, there lived a man who worked all my life and saved money. One day he went to his wife and said: « When I die, bury me with all the money I have earned i>». The woman had no choice as to promise to fulfill his request ...

Some time later the man died. And he is sitting at the funeral dressed in black, his widow, and sitting next to her best friend. When the coffin was already wanted to close, the woman asked to wait a little, and put the box out from under the shoe.

My friend turned to the widow: « Do you really buried with him all the money he has earned? I>» What a clever woman replied: « Of course, I'm a righteous Christian and can not break my promise. After the death of my husband, I transferred all his money on his account, and he wrote out a check for the full amount ... i> »

This story once again we want to remind you that you should not live for money. Greed has never led to happiness. If you liked this parable, you will certainly tell about it to your friends using social networks.

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