Diamond Fish

Well, the tale of the fisherman and catch them, "goldfish", composed by Alexander Pushkin, of course you all know. And I'll tell you the truth. About fisherman and fish. This story happened a few days ago in China. On the island of Hainan. There lives an old man named Chen Lin Tssyao. Fisherman. But the old woman had not. Therefore, as a widower, he long ago. Makes a living fishing. Overlooks the old boat early in the morning in his native South China Sea, crosses the network and waits. What it will come: the catch, or, as in a fairy tale, with the slime of the sea.

If a small fish, the dish of noodles old man and gasoline motor boat provided. And if not, then the shells, which can sometimes be found in the mud, you can try to sell to tourists. And so, as I said the other day an old man came out into the sea and threw the net. I do not know at what time in the first or third, but pulled out a fish. Not simple, and gold.

Not in the sense of magic, but in terms of a very rare, located on the verge of extinction. Bahaba her name. And it is valued in traditional Chinese medicine for its swim bladder, from which the drug is very effective cure various diseases of the heart and lungs. And sold it to Chen Lin Tssyao at auction - attention! - For almost 500 thousand dollars.

And with the money already has looked for a new boat - a high-speed and mechanical winch for lifting chains. That's what was this fish, gold, more abruptly than a fairy tale.


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