Exercise “Golden fish” for the spine, Katsudzo Niche

Problems diseases associated with the spine are today in the first place. Already in elementary school more than 50% of children have scoliosis – curvature of the spine. Most people living over the age of 25 have wrong posture. Hence, all of the disease.

Due to the fact that exercise "Golden fish" is done twice a day: in the morning during the warm-up and evening, is not only the alignment of the spine, but also restores function balance throughout the body: nourishment and cleansing of the cells, nervous balance.

K. Nishi exercise "Golden fish"

Starting position:

You need to lie on your back on a flat surface: the floor or bed. Importantly, when performing this exercise you nothing interfered.

Extend hands over head and legs also pull down as far as possible, like stretching the body and up and down.

Socks aim to face and rest against his heels on the floor or bed.

Hands, neck, back, legs, heels pressed to the floor.

Performed by stretching the spine at the expense of "seven". While we would crawl Potocki right leg from itself, and hands are drawn back. Then again, at the expense of "seven" do this same exercise but now reach your left heel.

It was to prepare the body to execute the basic exercise.

exercise:Both hands, rather than hands, and put it under the neck. The toes pull on yourself.

In this position, begin to vibrate the body, as it makes fish in the water, twisting in different directions: right, then left. Please note: body is not moving up and down and right and then left. For convenience, you can raise a little the head and feet of both legs. Exercise should be performed, starting small and increased to three minutes. If it is to difficult to do this exercise ask someone to help to create vibration. Over time, this exercise you can do yourself without any help.

What happens during exercise fish?

The first vertebrae all fall into place. So, released pinched blood vessels and nerves. Blood circulation normalizes, the nerves disappeared overvoltage. Nervous system of the organism gives all bodies the correct signals.

This exercise really can be called "gold" because so corrected is not only a violation of the spine, but is recovering and uniform pulsation of blood in the venous valves, through which blood returns from the extremities to the heart. The function of cleansing the blood of toxins normal.


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