27 = 4

In Kiev, on Saturday, September 29, on the street University, 37, in the courtyard of a 5-storey hostel Kiev National University. Shevchenko, 27-year-old young man inexplicably stuck his head into the metallic structure of the park benches. But the rescue did not work alone.
The incident occurred in the first half of the night. To the aid of fellow rescuers arrived 35 State firehouse Golosiivsky district.
With the help of Benzorezy they sawed the bench and rescued 27-year-old eccentric.
A similar incident occurred on the same day, at the beginning of the first day. In Desnyanskiy area on the street Red, 1/9, opposite the 9-storey residential building in the playground on the water chute in the metal lattice head stuck 4-year-old kid. Rescued the child in the same way - with the help of Benzorezy was cut metal grille and the child was free.
san-anatol. No, well, a kid like garbage suffered a lot. As well, remember. But 27 years ... this is what this had to be a consume?


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