Kubotronik - the path to a set of dice

Our project dice game, which is cheaper to make than to buy, thanks to our readers got its own name - KUBOTRONIK, but, most importantly, the project has made a small but important step.

Kubotronik received extensions in the form of "decorative panels." Initially they were cubes to be used as a construction element in children's games or perhaps make him puzzle . < br />

The panels allow the use of the base unit Kubotronika as a carrier for removable panels, the panels can be changed by developed fastening systems, or to connect to the electrical circuit.

Who has developed the following sets of panels:

- Russian alphabet
- English alphabet
- Panels of dominoes or dice
- The figures for the accounts
- Various radio and electronic components

Designed and laid down the principle of patterning is capable of applying a clear contrasting figures that are well-read, even at a distance. Ie if the cube lying on the floor with the height of human adult height can be clearly seen that on the upper side.

Incidentally, a collection of one type can be printed with different colors. For example, red vowels and consonants blue print. These blocks can be used as the alphabet, and if these panels to decorate all 6 faces dice, they turn into dice. Rules of the games with the letters, by the construction of words on the Internet a lot, and Kubotronika blocks allow you to create the necessary configuration of chips to play with children.

The panels are made of multicolored plastic contrasting. Dark plastic forms the base, and a light plastic top plate 1 mm thick. The panels are printed without supports upside down. Ie is printed at the beginning of light plastic, up to a height of 1 mm, and then change to further seal plastic base and forming fasteners. There was a bust of options latches and locks, but eventually we settled on such a castle as in the photo below.

Since We remember that our readers are asked to provide the ability to place or radio, for example, the whole electronic modules and controllers, we began to develop the principle of connecting blocks kubotronika together to form an electrical contact.

Since the panel with the details already, then we get a simple dice, but with radioactive elements and conceived the idea of ​​creating the game, "Circuitry" although we think that those who are interested by printing such panels themselves can show the children the basics of circuitry.

As a result, developed three variants of electrical connection:

- Pure tin, by symmetrically arranged contacts cut from a thin sheet of tin
- Magnetic, due to the spacer of a magnet placed in a special box
- Mechanical, due to the block-spacers and electrical contact is inserted into the lock of conventional block

The first is extremely simple to manufacture, but also very fragile, because tin constantly unbent. On the contrary, with the magnetic coupling it was much better, and even very well, so everything is very technologically, but ... First you need to buy neodymium magnets 12x2, and secondly, the magnets did not provide an exact multiplicity of the resulting scheme to be able to make great circuit with crossing. But most importantly, the scheme does not dock with other structures of the blocks, ie I had to think about the connection provides the multiplicity gathered scheme.

Based on all this, and a new portion of read literature about the Soviet times children radiokonstruktorah and experience of its use in radio school was developed option that is fully printed on the 3D printer . Ie the owner of the 3D printer can as necessary to form the desired cubes and it sets to form designers. This arrangement is convenient for clubs since successfully assembled circuit can be disassembled in order to be able to use parts other circle members, but simply can reprint.

The scheme applies a thin sheet of tin. Plate is cut into strips 5 mm wide. The length of the contact strips cubes 50mm and 35mm for the spacers. Each requires two spacer bars. These strips are placed on each other at right angles. Place strips soldered connections. Then onto the bend in different directions, and this structure is placed inside of the spacer, and the ends of the strips are bent into the openings on each side.

Also, pay attention to the photos, through the holes in the spacer is convenient to measurements already collected scheme. On the first unit that was not, but because All electrical switching removed and hidden under the plastic, we have provided, and that moment.

Build a contact base unit is shown on a small video. It can be seen in detail the process of turning the block in the block designer radiokonstruktora.

You can also download a все these files from our website:

STL electrical contacts
STL Russian alphabet
STL English alphabet
STL panels dominoes and dice
STL digits

As replenish the collection of panels, we will also spread them freely available to everyone.

Material provided by the Master Kit DIY.

Source: geektimes.ru/company/dadget/blog/252116/


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