Remember the movie Guy Ritchie «Snatch». In the Russian-language box office, he soberly called "Snatch". So there was a character Brick, who recommended one of the main characters to feed their enemy pigs. Say, then traces are left. Is that the teeth may have questions. And so - waste-free processing.
So similar trouble, with absolutely no criminal raid happened in real life. Someone Terry Garner, an American farmer in Oregon, disappeared at the end of September this year. Went to feed their svinyushek, but more of it and did not see. Later, the relatives of the missing jaw found in a shed and a few gnawed body parts that could be identified as belonging to Garner. Here's a natural selection happened accidentally. The police, of course, is investigating and radiates optimism, but, by and large, fell whether the farmer himself for whatever reason (slipped, fell ill, and the like) or knocked down omnivorous artiodactyls, already does not matter . Fact - was eating those who supposed to use.
So, gentlemen farmers, consider the factor. Although experts and broadcast that case de out of the common, but it seems to me that I and earlier information on such cases ran. Search - laziness, but who Polyubopytstvuyte - find.


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