Born to crawl or deceit Siberian Cranes

Entertainment News from the press secretary of the president of Russia. More precisely, the news is rather painful properties, but its interpretation ...
So for poryadku.Vnachale of disturbing message of - "The President of Russia after flying trikes during the action with Siberian Cranes aggravated an old sports injury." Then, within a few hours, he gradually transformed into a "yes, the injury occurs, but get it in training." Well, what Putin is currently back problems and it shows in his walk, or rather hindered by the movement, know, perhaps, those who more or less regularly watch chronicling his participation.
But what a light head and ultrasonic device initially managed to link this with flying head ?! I understand that the first reaction to a comment which appeared was something like this: "Lord, you again have eaten something? You little toad was the Internet with fish spawning and training bears hibernate? Do you want to see now, "Putin leads lemmings?" This was followed by a reaction that the injury is, it is obtained during the flight, but it is not connected. It's like, I'm sorry? As one drunk: "I have a headache, but not with a hangover?" And only after that should infa that the injury was received in training.
Cool machine still the president of the Russian. The impression is that literally every action of his burning desire to confirm Zadornov phrase "we do not need to have a good. we need to have fun ".
Vladimir Vladimirovich! Fly "Aeroflot". Or some other company. But the plane.


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