Pigs were smarter than dogs and chimpanzees

Perhaps people will soon change their attitude to pigs. Scientists have discovered that pigs are smarter than dogs and perform their tasks no worse than a chimpanzee. The authors hope that the findings will help people to learn to consider animals not only as meat.

We showed that pigs have a number of General cognitive abilities with other highly intelligent species such as dogs, chimps, elephants, dolphins and even people. It is a good scientific proof of the need to rethink our relationship to them, said Lori Marino (Lori Marino) from Emory University.

To such conclusion scientists have come after analyzing the results of dozens of studies conducted on pigs and other animals.

In General, studies have shown that pigs have excellent long term memory, well versed in the maze and successfully perform tasks on the movement and location of objects. These animals can understand simple language of symbols and learn the complex combinations of symbols for actions and objects. It was also noted that they love to play, tumble and fight with each other, as do dogs, writes Discovery News.

Pigs live in complex social communities where they watch each other, learn and collaborate. They can also manipulate the joystick, moving the cursor around the screen, finding a mirror into the hidden food and empathize with other individuals.

Scientists say that people usually put pigs below other types of animals such as dogs and cats, although research shows that they are no stupider, and sometimes even smarter.

In the future, the researchers plan to study other types of farm animals such as goats and cows.published

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Source: hi-news.ru


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