The most intelligent creatures on the planet

The diversity of living things on Earth identifies those whose brains work pretty hard to dispute. The person on the list given to the first place, then the place was as follows.

Dolphin amazing creatures. Size brain dolphins in relation to the size of the body is much greater than that of chimpanzees. And their behavior indicates a high degree of mental retardation. Adult dolphin brain weighs about 1700 grams, and the person - in 1400. At the dolphin twice the convolutions in the cerebral cortex. Interestingly, most of the tricks that they teach is their everyday behavior. Dolphins love to play, racing, and enjoy life. They have a "vocabulary" to 14000 sounds, which allows them to communicate with each other, as well as self-awareness and emotional empathy, helpfulness and sick newborns, pushing them to the surface. Adults teach young dolphins.

Monkey First of all - gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans. Based on the latest research, the genetic basis of human chimps coincides with 98, 7%. This suggests that the evolutionary path of humans and chimpanzees diverged six million years ago, in a global sense, practically yesterday. US Military used instead of astronaut chimps in many dangerous missions. A chimpanzee in Japan can use the computer, and probably at this very moment is developing Warcraft :) gorilla taught sign language, while orangutans exist tangled family relationships.

Elephant It is said - "The elephant never forgets." Indeed elephants are able to establish long-lasting friendships, remember and recognize a person through many years. They exhibit the ability to sympathize with the victims and regret. The ability to use tools and to find a solution to the situation. Elephants inherent in the concept of family. They have a musical ear and musical memory, capable of distinguishing three melody notes. Perhaps if they were smaller, would have a Facebook page and were able to use Twitter better than human.

Parrots Parrots are very intelligent. They are the only of these animals can carry on a conversation. Some parrots know hundreds of words and can use them quite consciously. Their relatively large brain, characterized by a good memory and the ability to onomatopoeia (voice well developed musculature).

Raven still those things, despite the fact that they fooled stereotypically dressed straw men. To crack a nut Raven takes it in his beak and flies to the track. It throws a nut on the road and waiting near the car, and after, if you're lucky, takes prey. If there are no cars around, it flies higher and throwing nuts on something solid. And that's not the most intelligent to think of what can crow. In one of the American states it was seen ravens, produce their own food scissors for cutting lawns. Yeah, so even Hitchcock never dreamed of.

Rat question arises, how much they are smart, if spread the plague and other diseases. Many dislike or fear of these creatures. The majority of scientists are conducting experiments on rats it was, perhaps, not because puppies, for example, dearer. Their brains are able to detect loopholes and ways in labyrinths and other experiments, which have a three year old, probably would have been difficult. Oxford researchers concluded that rats have abstract thinking, surpassing person as the only creatures with this ability. Most rats prefer to listen to the music of Mozart, few - contemporary music, and none of them wants to listen to the sound of the fan.

Dove Incredibly social being. They can distinguish between each other and to communicate in their own language. Everyone has heard about homing pigeons, which is able to travel long distances and do not stray from the path, and then go back. The craftiness loses crow.

Pig There is a misconception that pigs have a passion for felting in the dirt just for the love of it; in fact, the pig thus get rid of skin parasites dries, the mud is no longer with the parasites. In addition, wallow in the mud serves them for cooling the body in hot weather. In a number of tests on the brains pigs show a high result as the parameter acumen and the parameter learning. It is noticed that pigs respond to music, for example, grunting in rhythm tunes.

Protein A distinctive feature of protein - it is their thrifty. Sometimes they get their food in places and in ways that none of the other animals and would not think of. However, they also plan to the amount of reserves and preparing for winter. Some proteins nuts buried in the ground, while others hide them in the hollows of trees.



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