I wish to all!

I wish to all!

 - Marital status? - Strictly fish the old man asked.
 - Widow. - Said the old man. - For two years both.
 - Uff.- sighed with relief fish. - Full health insurance, pensions and permanent Shtukar nibble at the bait?
 - It is good to. - The old man scratched his head, but then he caught himself - And why did you decide that the old man to be happy so little? I've outlived all life? Nothing I do not need? The joys of all else - the money for drugs and catch the fish?
 - And what do you else Starch? - Quipped fish - Support Group for the Brazilian national team in basketball? 20 mulatochek?
 - And even if so! - Fumed the old man - I want twenty mulatto.
 - Hyyy. And the return of erection?
 - Fie on you! These words of the old man! And now took out his notebook. Write. I want, that's what it means. You write? World famous! Without fail! And that there are no dirty tricks such as "declared wanted people to release the bird flu!" To have a good reputation!
 - Retired rejected sexual harassment Jennifer Lopez! - I nodded fish.
 - Who? - Suspicious asked the old man - what the blade?
 - Self-cleaning of the ears plugs - has written to notebook fish - Do not pay attention! Say thank you? that is not "another episode in the Michael Jackson case.". Then what?
 - I want to be president of Bolivia! - The old man snapped.
 - Wow! - Surprised fish - Jennifer Lopez is probably striking out then? Why do you want to Bolivia?
 - I was not there ever. Green mountains, 500 years without war. Chocolate is delicious. On the grave of Pastor Schlag'll go ...
 - Clear. Switzerland is implied. - Nodded fish - fits even knowledge of geography and history.
 - And I want to so I go out, and all around - "Wow !!! Starch came !! "or not ... Not so ..." Starichischsche left !! "and the girls to me - tygydym, tygydym - run run. "Give an autograph! I have long dreamed about your autograph !! ". And trolley stops, and the driver then - "Well, now all out of here! Old Man'll drive to the right place! Zabesplatno! Because he deserved it! »
 - Russian language in Switzerland, trolley there ... - did not have time to record fish - do not often!
 - Yes Yes! So that no one part of the wish! And to - godkov thirty fold! And to Chernobrov, Chernoglaz, Chernous, Chernonog ... But no. Chernonog not necessary.
 - A person of Caucasian nationality - wrote fish.
 - And that growth - not less than eighty-meter. And bugryaschiesya biceps throughout the body. And so on his shoulder cannon! Like the Predator with Schwarzenegger! And a black belt in Tae Kwon Do! Bare hand on the rail - hryas-half! And to Billgeyts daily to me on the carpet - take the day's takings. And I told him on the shoulder - clap clap clap. And finger threatened "Work, rogue! And God forbid! Though a penny! Just get out of here! ". And he smiles, rubs ochechki, sweating from fear and screaming "Yes in zhist!».
 - Wait, wait ...
 - Quiet you, waterfowl! And so I'm going, and I have angels with palm peck crumbs! Obsequiously to. And be sure! I hear you, roach in the potential - I'm sure that the language of animals and birds knew and they obeyed me. And that was my hypnosis and the ability to suggestion! So I went in the eyes glared and "Salvage give and forget me right away!" And so it was. And on the photo to. And without a photo to. Just to think, "Bush is now on an official visit to Zhakshirakom padespan slabat!" - Switched to television, and they are dancing already. And over the years that I could not eat, sleep, drink, breathe - and though henna me. Yet over the years to not wash, and socks do not stink and violets pret them. I wish to be able to fly. Includes space and with superluminal. To distant planets - alien to the women! Instant transporter to another at any place at will! And to mess with no lumps! And a license to shoot anyone you want! And instant death on the spot in case of disobedience or words curve! And the wooden horse in natural growth!
 - Most childhood fell! - Screamed fish - Ofigel all? Where do you find a horse ?! Fuck you! - Fish cursed and turned into a dried fish.
 - Mnda. Bust left. - Said the old man, and went for a beer.




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