20 commandments of a millionaire: what I think people who achieve great success

We do not understand the real causes of success, I'm sure the owner and writer James Altucher. He decided to correct the matter and to formulate the basic skills and rules those who become millionaires.

When I was lying drunk in the gutter at 3am and raced past me, the car, the first thing to do was to get me out on the sidewalk. And it required skill. I couldn't just Wake up and sober up. It was necessary that I was on the sidewalk. Had to face the consequences of this situation. I needed every day to get a little better. 1% and this improvement has no end. I had to remember that I have two young daughters, for which I need to be better and stronger. And so on. "And so forth" — it's a habit. It is not something finished. I'm always in the process. So, the top 20 skills.


– Every day be with people who are good to you and love you.

It's hard. So do not strain too much. Just every day become a little better. The bonsai tree is growing every day. But experts at growing these trees know where and what to cut, so through the years to a work of art.

  Every day avoid death.

In other words, avoid what is bad for you. Try to live each day a little more healthy. Hospital bed does not bring wealth. People think that with age, the metabolism changes. Actually no — we're just more sitting in one place. So move more.

– Solve the problem of gratitude.

It is a practice. When you are angry or stressed, remember something that you're grateful for. What is the practice? And that is very hard. Hard to realize that you are angry or tense. It's like to be scared in a movie, and then say to yourself: "Oh, that's just a movie".

– Every day write down ten ideas.

I wrote about this a million times. Bradley Cooper in the movie Limitless takes a pill, which makes him the Superman of intellectual labor. Write 10 ideas every day — this pill. Do this six months in a row and see for yourself.

– Plant seeds.

Many people in my life only one goal. And they direct their entire lives to this goal. Well, I wish them luck. But the real key to success is to plant as many seeds. 1% fell into the soil seed giving 50% of all colors.

What kind of seeds am I saying? Send someone a letter of thanks. Introduce yourself to someone in a letter. Send friends their ideas. Exercise. Eat well. Make your website. Think of the idea. Write an article. Read the book. Come up with another 100 seeds. And every day, take them out.

– No excuses.

When you blame someone, complain, explain, justify, you're exhausting your resources. People say, "I don't Have enough time." Understand. I, for example, there is no time to become a professional astronaut. Though actually that is an excuse that a few seconds ago I thought was obvious, is false. Ever Virgin Galactic and SpaceX will begin to send tourists into space relatively cheaply. So that someday I can become an astronaut. That is, I have enough time. And no excuses.

– The Rule Of Warren Buffett: 5/25.

Make a list of 25 things you want to do in life. Now select the 5 most important and take care of them. AND NEVER THINK ABOUT THE OTHER 20. Otherwise they will take away time from the five most important cases.

– Remind about yourself.

I get it bad. And so I need to turn it into a habit. I was recently having dinner with a bunch of interesting people. I even had a great idea to remind them about yourself. But I never did. I don't know why. For me it is difficult. But it is a question of practice. And I'll do it because I want to be better in this sense. I can write just "nice to meet you". Or to buy someone from them the first edition of their favorite book. Or make something else out of ten thousand possible options.

– Stay close to the smartest person in your environment.

Steve jobs is well done (Yes, I'm talking about Steve Wozniak). And I've done it many times. I say to myself: "I am the stupidest person in this room." And it helps me to find the smartest person in any room. Surely he will do something. Something special. Watch this. Just follow him without asking questions.

– Every day do something that you loved in childhood.

I loved to write. And I write every day. I was pleasantly polite to behave with girls. And now I'm nice and pleasant to talk with women every day. Someone else in the child, like sports. I don't.

– Ask questions.

The famous producer Brian Grazer periodically conducts "conversations for the sake of curiosity". He calls anyone (Steve jobs, Dalai Lama, etc.), explains who he is, and asks questions. So he met with Ron Howard (the smartest person in his environment), so together they created a company Imagine Entertainment, Grazer and so launched one of the top shows on television (“Empire”).

– Make mistakes.

I taught my daughter to hit the ball harder. She did pretty good. She didn't miss. But her flow was too soft. They were too easy to beat. I said, "hit so hard that you have to groan". She began to make mistakes. She fell into a depression. Flow went to the left. But then she settled. And began to hit the target. And to hit harder. I asked: "What happened in your head?" She said, "I realized that sounding too left, so slightly moved the goal". If she had acted on the principle of "easier", it would not be stronger. Errors only helped her reach a new level.

– Sleep.

Everyone on this score has an opinion. I sleep nine hours a day. And asleep during the day. Your brain is most active in the first 2-5 hours after waking up. At this time, do the important and productive work. And stay away from people who say that they have 3-5 hours of sleep a night. It is a real evil.

– Say "NO".

One time I traveled a lot for meetings and conferences. None of them brought me money. Once I was sitting by the pool at the hotel in Los Angeles. I drank and bathed. And in between, went to the useless meeting. Then I went back to my company. "How Was L. A.?" "Excellent." Another wasted week.

– A little every day.

I want to write a novel. I write a few paragraphs every day. Or I need a story every day. And you know what? If you write three paragraphs a day, you'll write it for year four of the novel. Three of them will be bad. Maybe ten will be bad. Or the first twenty. But that's okay. This means that in five years you will become successful. Because worked a little every day.

– Don't rush.

I interviewed for my podcast 150 successful people. Not necessarily financially successful. Money is still a byproduct. And here they had in common: they worked 10-20 years, and then suddenly succeed.

At the same time...

Celebrate the small victories. On the way to sudden success (over 20 years) you will have plenty of small victories. And you will give yourself permission on the next victory, but only if you celebrate each of them. This is true of all these habits. And besides, it's fun.

– Love.

I'm not gonna teach you love. But here's what I do:

a) if I do not know a man, I act like he will die tomorrow. And I treat him as we treat those whom will not be;

b) if I don't like people, I treat him as the mother treats the child. I wish him the best, whatever my personal feelings;

C) if this is the man I love, but which does not bring me joy now, I sincerely wish him the very best in the future;

g) if that person I love, I'm listening. I help. I'm surprised.

We often pray something non-existent. We often believe in science fiction. But love can be experienced right now, and it is the only religion.

– Right now.

Whenever in the future I have expected problems, everything turned out differently. Every time I have to regret about something past, it is a regret to me down in the dirt. Right now you have handed certain cards. And right now you will not help any previous or subsequent change. So now the only thing need to focus.

I said that habits will be twenty. So far I haven't seen. So I don't know if it's true. I allow myself to sometimes be inaccurate.

Oh! So this is another habit: give yourself Permission not to always be right. Give yourself permission not to always please people. Give yourself permission not to always live in peace. Give yourself permission not to be successful.

And then gradually you will become what you allow yourself "not to be".

Do these habits you a millionaire? Yes. Whether they will make you a successful person? Yes. But more importantly — they will make you a person who is acting this way, acting according to these rules. And who bears his light to others. published

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