Slowing the aging process

Incidentally, the awareness of the inner body has other benefits in the physical world. One of them is a significant slowing of the aging process of the physical body.
Whereas the outer body normally grow old and wither fairly quickly, the inner body does not change with time, except for the fact that you can just feel it deeply and become it more fully. If you're twenty now, the inner energy field of the body will be felt the same as it would be in your eighty years old. It is just vibrantly alive. As soon as your habitual state will shift from being outside of the body to being inside the body and presence in the Now, your physical body will feel lighter, brighter, livelier. When in the body there is more consciousness, its molecular structure actually becomes less dense. The more consciousness, the less the depth of the illusion of materiality.


When you are identified more with the timeless inner body than with the outer body, when presence becomes your normal state of consciousness and when neither the past nor the future is in your attention is no longer dominated, neither in the mind nor in the cells of your body you don't accumulate time. The accumulation of time as the psychological burden of past and future seriously weakens the ability of cells to self-renewal. So if you live in the inner body, the outer body is aging much slower, and even if it does, your timeless essence will Shine through the outer form, and you won't look old.

There is this scientific proof?

Try it, he'll be a confirmation.


The other best side of this practice, the physical reality appears to be a significant strengthening of the immune system occurring in the case if you live in the inner body. The more consciousness you bring into the body, the stronger your immune system. As if every cell awakens and rejoices. Your body loves your attention. However, it is also a powerful method of self-healing. Most diseases find loopholes in your body when you don't exist. If you are not at home, it can settle all sorts of dubious characters. When you dwell in the body, unwanted guests will be difficult to get.
But strengthens not only the physical immune system, your mental immune system is also greatly enhanced. It protects you from the negative mental-emotional force fields emitted by other people who are very contagious. Dwelling in your own body protects you not by shielding from these fields, and by increasing the frequency vibration of your entire energy field, when everything is vibrating at a lower frequency, i.e. fear, anger, depression and the like, exist in a virtual other, a different order of reality. It no longer intrudes into the field of your consciousness, or even if that happens, now you don't have to resist, because it passes right through you. Just do not take up faith, but do not leave without attention to what I say. Check this out.
There is a simple yet very powerful meditation, aimed at self-healing, which is to strengthen the immune system you can perform whenever you need. It is particularly effective when you feel the first symptoms of distress, but works very well in chronic disease, but with the condition that you will do it often and with intense focus. It will also be effective to oppose any destruction of your energy field in certain kinds of negativity. But this meditation does not replace the moment to moment practice of being in the body. In other words, its effect will be only temporary. Here it is.
When you have a few free minutes, especially in the evening, the last thing you do before going to sleep and the first thing you do in the morning before you get up, it's “fill”, “flood” your body with consciousness. Close your eyes. Lie down flat on back. Pick a body part, which in the beginning is short, focus: the hands, feet, arms, legs, stomach, chest, head etc more rich and lush feel the energy of life flowing within them. Approximately fifteen seconds to hold your attention on each part of the body. Then let the attention like a wave a few times to run over the body from feet to head and back. This will require only a minute or so. After this, the in its entirety feel the energy field of your body as a unified energy field. Hold this feeling for several minutes. At this time be in the highest degree present. Don't worry if the mind happen to divert your attention from the body, and you will lose yourself in some thought. As soon as you notice that it's happened, just give attention to the inner body. published

Eckhart Tolle, "the Power of the present"

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