A love story that we're spoiled

Whatever you say, but cinema is a big part of our lives. Some of the movies we grew up, matured, they are so firmly entrenched within us that we unconsciously choose a particular model of behavior – one that we were once hooked in the movie. How many times have we watched these movies about love? And about love?




This series has become a part of life for many girls, thanks to him, we learned to experiment with clothes and bed, to meet friends more often and laugh at yourself. BUT!

First, well, you're not going to dress like that if you're unfortunate column in the newspaper. You can not see Manolo Blahnik. Secondly, if so much drinking, Smoking, and constantly to walk with doughnuts (ice cream, cupcakes and other things) in the cheek as the heroine of the series, would you be so gorgeous, look at 40. And finally, Yes, such Dushevina long relationship of 10 years happen in real life, but the question is WHY should they agree? Why suffer? Because beautiful shoes and sadness and the idea about Mr big, about Big Love.




The novel, life long – it's beautiful. But that's why we decided that if you're going to sew a man and behave like a hysterical chicken, you could get away with it? She came down? She had a reason to retaliate? And in my opinion, this woman did not know what she wanted, despite the fact that experienced a lot of suffering and loss, she never grew up. What do you want?





Who wouldn't want one day to sit in the sports Lotus that will take in a new life without trouble and of unpaid bills? In a world of endless shopping and lofts Suite? All would like! Despite its sweetness, excellent acting and undoubted beauty, and perhaps because of this, the film inadvertently endorsed prostitution and soderjaschii. And although this is ostensibly the story of true love, how many around us of Richard of Gear, sensitive and adequate, able to appreciate the depth of your depths? On sports cars, in which sat the girls of our generation, went not the representatives of the stronger sex, who would climb the fire escape with a bouquet of flowers.


 9 ½ WEEKS



You can put on a hat, but that's to wear it is not much, after the head is left somewhere outside of good and evil. Vampire, brutal, exhausting and very beautiful passion captivated our souls, forced to hate Mickey Rourke, and at the same time secretly want to be in place, Kim Basinger. Then how many of us are still stuck in such a codependent relationship that obviously could not bring anything good except the good sex? Although, what if is good, do not bezpolezno!





The film is shot on the play, very intimate, very poetically describing treason. In this film, life as game – its okay – someone else's too! The heroes do it callously and recklessly, and we like to watch and to suffer with them, laugh life in the face. In real life cheating is not so poetic and brings far more problems than in the movies. published


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