When talent has no boundaries: the top 10 songs of Zemfira.

A talented musician, composer, songwriter and performer of Russian highly successful: all that can be said about our birthday girl. Today, 26 August, his 39 years says Zemfira - one of the few singers that are easily stadium for a solo concert, even without pretentious promotion. It represents a new movement in Russian art of music, which journalists dubbed "women's rock", and each of its new album is an event of the year in music.

What is it like Zemfira millions? Perhaps for its sincerity and simplicity. Although the singer on his answer: « I'm so kind, nice, honest. And the songs I have honest, lovely. I can love even for that. And for that I do not hide their thorns i> ». Indeed, her prickly and independent nature of many rumors. It is said that once, when Zemfira giving a concert in one of the clubs, a rich visitor demanded to sing "Murka", but the singer refused to. She said she did not sing on the orders. That's really temperament!

Edition Ofigenno congratulates singer-rebel on his birthday and wished them new achievements and inexhaustible inspiration. We are waiting for new creations, but today are happy to remember the 10 best works unique Zemfira. Happy viewing!

1. "Forgive me my love»

2. "Search»

3. "If you want?» B>

4. "We break»

5. "Macho»

6. "Do not let go»

7. "Infinity»

8. "Walk»

9. "Living in your head»

10. "Arivederchi»

Thanks again for the wonderful songs of Zemfira , excerpts from which are loved by the vast number of people! Remind me about your friends today birthday girl making repost. Come together again we wish her all the best!

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