20 years ago, died Viktor Tsoi

Today, hundreds of fans of the "Cinema" came to "Tsoi Wall" in Krivoarbatsky Lane in Moscow.

On Arbat people with flowers when you exit the subway, going to the wall Tsoi, we sing a song with you! .. Passersby who walk along the Arbat, including foreigners, stop at the wall for a few minutes and sing along to songs they know.

"Choi - our all. Only a talented and genius are songs that are listening, even after decades of death of the author ", - said one of the fans of the singer.

It is worth noting that the fans bought up all the flowers on the Arbat to entrust them to the wall of Viktor Tsoi. A flower shops do not have time to bring up new bouquets.

Choi recalled in his native St. Petersburg

Today there will be several concerts in memory of a rock musician. In the Theological cemetery grave Choi opened new monument, which a group of enthusiasts specially refurbished for the means of the 20th anniversary of the death of the musician.

As previously reported, on Friday, August 13 bikers laid flowers on the grave of Choi at the Theological cemetery, after which the column of motorcyclists went through all of St. Petersburg to the venue rock festival - the airfield in the village of Nikolskoye Gatchina district of Leningrad region.

A mysterious all - as an ordinary boy from Leningrad became a legend of Russian rock, whence came to him the music of his songs that they wanted to tell their texts, mysterious and early retirement. Over the past seven years Tsoi fans gathered the crumbs of the circumstances of his life, has published numerous memories of nem.No whether he was clearer to us? Do not lost in the small details of life Victor Tsoi main thing in it - his mission? There is evidence that before the death of his severely depressed just that - a sharp break between the outwardly growing popularity and lack of understanding of his songs.

Not counting their findings only correct, I suggest meditation based on an analysis of a number of publications about Victor Tsoe and, of course, his songs themselves. From the publication highlights a deep article by Vadim Shtepa "Elite Russian rock", memories and reflections primarily Igor Talc and Boris Grebenshikov.

For me, the number one axiom that every person is born with a mission. Remember, Lermontov's Pechorin wrote: & quot; ... and in fact I was the purpose of high, but I'm guessing it & quot ;. If a person performs its mission, is on his way, he's a force to be assisted and not complain at fate, no matter how difficult it may be. Including this is well said in the song "In memory of Viktor Tsoi" Igor talc: "Poets are not born by chance,

They fly to the ground from a height.

Their lives are surrounded by a profound mystery,

Although they are open and easy ...

They go, completing quests,

They recall the Higher Worlds,

Unknown to our consciousness,

According to the rules of the game space ... »

According to Talkova, Choi was conductor of the White forces, supported by all the forces of those "who have nothing to wait for," someone called out in the way of "highest in the sky of stars." With each new album, especially since "Blood" (1988), it is becoming clearer. From now on, he sings only for them, instilling in the last heroes hot showers and unwavering belief that "This is our day - We learned it in position of the stars ..." Song Choi distinguishes them miraculously. They have no element of "too human", in today's pop music. By the way, Choi said that the appearance of his songs - a mystery to himself: "I'm starting to play ... Then there are some words." Incredible as a response to his work Vadim Shtepa, in my opinion, it is reasonable to consider the result of the fact that it has entered into an organic resonance with the underlying motives of the "collective unconscious", awakened and brought to the fore them, so - was the epitome of Russian tradition. Rock critic A.Strukov, speaking of the penultimate album "Cinema" 1989 "Star Called Sun", drew attention to the fact that "a landmark in the sun at all age-old Russian tradition, and from this point of view completely eudivitelna Russian folk-raspevno tune some songs on the album. " In my opinion, amazing melodies of songs from the last of the "Black Album", especially the "red-yellow days." Once again the unique words of a man who led Tsoi on stage - Boris Grebenshikov: "What I know is not called either Victor, Victor neither nor Tsoi - it is a reality, no notation in the language is not available. He has another name, and not by human lips to his talk. That is usually described as angels? Angel - a figure being that performs a specific function in being perfect initially, that is not developing. And what I say, it's not an angel, but a figure of the same type. It is perfect on the nature of the universe. Entity that is somehow different methods of implementation. That's what makes the band "Cinema" that did Viktor Tsoi ". By the way, did not understand and could not understand the numerous figures of mass culture, who called creativity Tsoi "primitive", ignorance does not know the etymology of the word meaning "original". Therefore, all the creativity Tsoi steeped in the spirit of absolute expressed in antinomies: Summer - Winter Day (The Star, The Sun) - Night of Love - Death. His mission - a mission lonely romance and absolute nihilist in relation to the surrounding modern world, which has lost something given initially, in which "every day is more difficult to remember Summer».

Mysterious and care of Viktor Tsoi. According to Igor Talkova, "he left suddenly. I think, for a moment relaxed, he lost control of himself and thus opened a gap in the energy field of the protection, and did it so suddenly that White did not have time to react, whereas Black responded instantly. " Iteresno opinion and mastermind of the Moscow rock cabaret "cardiogram" poet Alexei Didurov. He believes that the cause of early death Tsoi - an attempt to adapt to the conditions of gaining strength in show business. Specifically, it was showed that the producer of "Cinema" was the famous Yuri Aizenshpis. Viktor Tsoi was killed two weeks before the tour in Japan. Didur Alex says: "People change, but there is one thing: if a talented person makes a compromise in search of a better life and happiness, if it crosses a face - it is waiting for just the opposite, not what he expected. And there are no exceptions. " According to the same Vadim Shtepa care Tsoi was a sign - a sign the temporary victory of the Night, and the Russian rock, especially in the face and Choi Talkova a very special mission of awakening the heroic element in the collective unconscious.

Choi was very interested in martial arts and works of Bruce Lee.

With konrolёrami buses Viti was a short conversation ...

he left the bus and rode the subway


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