Unknown 15 photos of Soviet rock musicians from the archive Joanna Stingray

Always interesting to look at the idols of his youth - how is it that time flies! American singer Joanna Stingray has provided us this opportunity to publish on its website archive pictures with stars of Russian rock in his youth. Sometime in 1984, she met with the musicians of the Soviet underground rock and then for many years dedicated to the popularization of the Soviet rock culture in the West.

< Website offers their own eyes to look at these rare footage .

Boris Grebenshchikov and Joanna Stingray

Victor Sologub ( "Strange Games"), Boris Grebenshchikov, Viktor Tsoi and Konstantin Kinchev

"Aquarium", "Cinema", "Alice" and "Strange Games" in honor of the joint recording of the album «Red Wave»

Boris Grebenshchikov and Joanna Stingray

Marianne Victor and Sasha Tsoi

Yuri Kasparian, Joanna Stingray, music critic Alexander Kahn and Victor Tsoi on the roof of the house of Boris Grebenshchikov

Grebenshchikov, Joanna and «Afrika»

Viktor Tsoi

Boris Grebenshchikov and Joanna Stingray

Boris and Joanna

"Kino" group

Bassist "Alice" Constantine Kinchev, Joanna Stingray, Novikov, Choi, BG and other

Vyacheslav Butusov and Joanna Stingray

Viktor Tsoi, Joanna Stingray, Boris Grebenshchikov and other

Sergey Kurehin, Stingray and Grebenshchikov

Photo source: © Joanna Stingray

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