18 years ago, died Viktor Tsoi

The group "Cinema" has become one of the largest art phenomena born of Russian rock culture and its charismatic leader - songwriter, singer, guitarist, actor and artist - Viktor Tsoi became, in the words of one of his songs, "last hero" golden era rock ...

Choi began his career in the group with a very typical Soviet name "Garin and hyperboloids", which followed with some changes in the composition turned around well-known "Cinema". Over 9 years of its existence (1981-1990) the band managed to record 9 albums, truly become a cult phenomenon in the rock scene, and Viktor Tsoi was shot several times in the movies.

The popularity of his band was huge, but the end of history came when Victor, traveling with your own car, got in an accident near Riga. According to the official version, the singer simply fell asleep at the wheel. The unexpected death of Tsoi was the last chord in the creation of the legend of the "Cinema" and singer of the band, and the cult band gained particular, an aura of martyrdom. Choi loved and still remembered, recording "Cinema" fixed cost in the shops, and fans every year and celebrate the birthday and day of death soloist.

His first ensemble Choi organized while studying in a vocational school, from which he was expelled for academic failure. Then, in the life of the future "stars" had a job at the factory and studying at night school. In 20 years, he created a rock band "Cinema", with which entered the history of Russian rock culture and became the idol of countless people.

The rapid rise of the fireman, in his spare time acting in small clubs, until the group leader, able to assemble the entire stadium of fans. There may be different, of course, relate to the songs Choi and his vocal data. But no one will dispute the fact that its impact on young minds was huge.

"Before us is a rare type of innate character," - writes A. Troitsky. "This is a man walking through life not to triumphantly, but with a full sense of adventure novel like a character or action movie. He is alone, independent, noble, and it does not pose a norm of life! Accordingly, all the good things of life, the temptations, market conditions, etc. he perceives calmly and with easy contempt, as befits a cowboy ...

Somehow we Tsoi talked about literary and other idols, and I mentioned my favorite Don Quixote. "No, it's not my character - said Choi - he is not concentrated, he is weak." His character - Bruce Lee, the great master of kung fu, suddenly risen in line with the legends of world cinema. He was not an actor, he played in the movies himself, his life living there and doing their job. Bruce Lee was involved in a purely homely militants and artistry did not shine, but the magic of his presence in its power not inferior to the magnificent impact of Orson Welles and Marlon Brando.

Choi is also not an actor. He "caught" the audience something different. Maybe it was the fact that it does not have a single drop of fuss or tunes, and there are reliability, peace and honesty. No wonder that in our times, prone to hysteria, many see him as a savior, if not, then, in any case, the real hero. Thank God that Choi is infinitely far from politics ยป.

Outlook described in one form or another has always existed, but especially actualized just fifteen years ago. At some point, it has rallied the most different segments of society. There were people like tsoevskogo hero, and even more people who wanted to be like Choi. He was their voice, their "last hero". Superstarz and a decent musicians are not translated in the homeland to this day. But the next generation after Choi left virtually without a hero, a man with no charisma, that would be enough for everyone.


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