25 things we learned by the American cinema.

American, or rather Hollywood, cinema has left a lasting impression on us. Together with the fall of the Iron Curtain, we began to penetrate overseas movies that are so different from the usual national cinema.

With bated breath, we watched how Stallone or Schwarzenegger to cope alone with the whole army, as Bruce Willis once again saves the world from an apocalypse, and as the whole bunch of unknown actors trying to faithfully replicate or exceed their achievements in the low-end tape.

And even if we are not always able to grasp the depth of the story of the terrible nasal translation, but we very firmly learned the recipe of American cinema. Now revision Ofigenno.cc offers you 25 recall situations, without which it is difficult to imagine Hollywood films.

1. If the television broadcast news, the TV is always included at the right time of the hero.

2. Any picture, even if it is of poor quality, can be increased to the desired size and consider her finest details.

3. In whatever mess was not a spaceship, but its internal gravity system always continues to operate.

4. First of all, from a bullet or an explosion crippled partner to ask: "Are you okay?ยป

5. The best shelter in any building - a ventilation shaft. There's no one ever conceive anyone to look, but the hero is able to sneak by him at the right corner of it.

6. When at the beginning of the film expert predicts, further events can be predicted by the reaction of others. If he does not believe it is right. And if you trust that everything happens exactly the opposite.

7. To erase all data from your computer, you can just shoot the monitor.

8. Lipstick, like the whole makeup smeared and never be erased, even if before this swim with scuba diving.

9. Each bomb have to be equipped with an electronic timer with a countdown to everyone around knew exactly how much time is left before the explosion, and the main character was able to effectively neutralize the explosives at the last second.

10. In addition, wiring the bombs have to be colored to know exactly the sequence in which they cut, neutralizing the explosives. Unfortunately, the color-blind way into the main characters ordered ...

11. When in a horror movie starts to happen something wrong, the group must necessarily divide to almost all have been easier to deal one by one.

12. If a horror movie or thriller supporting character is sent to the basement, and there he only has time to ask: "Who's there?" And then he would get something heavy on the head.

13. The stronger the man and the woman hate each other at the beginning of the film, the greater the likelihood that by the end of the film they had a crush.

14. In horror movies have to stay alive man and woman. At the end of the film, they have to kiss passionately, or to engage in lo * catfish, despite the fact that the maniac had just cut all of their friends.

15. Staying in a house with ghosts or vampires, the heroine has to investigate the mysterious sources of noise, before that wearing the most seductive lingerie.

16. Finding information on the Internet is always successful and produces the desired results the first reference to the first open tab.

17. If the film is present radioactive element, it always emits a glow of green light.

18. Any sporting event, whether it is football or contact martial arts, to be won by a complete failure just before the bell signals the end of the fight.

19. The police begin surveillance of a suspect only after having bought donuts and hamburgers. And as soon as they put a hot cup of coffee at the front of the vehicle as after that begins the pursuit of a criminal.

20. The police is gaining the most inept drivers for their patrol cars. But the poor quality of drivers is compensated by an unlimited number of vehicles. Rarely a gunman goes without accidents and blockages involving police cars.

21. If the car refused brakes, then nobody does not occur to try to slow down using the engine or use the handbrake. Instead, the driver continues to race through the streets.

22. But the cars are different excellent armored protection. Hiding behind the open door you can escape from the bullets of any type of weapons. In addition, an enviable bulletproof differ almost all items on the table and to the refrigerator.

23. Before the end the main hero, the villain must tell him colorful monologue of a few minutes. As a rule, during which the hero has to gather strength and defeat evil.

24. When the hero gets into a small fight, it certainly comes out the winner, with only a small and beautiful drip of blood from the corner of his mouth. And you need to casually wipe away the blood with the back of, all kind expressing disapproval.

25. But if a fight ensued serious, the number of opponents it still will not make any difference. After all, the villains will patiently tiptoe around the main character, waiting until he would deal with them one by one.

It seems that such a "sudden" plot twists will last forever, and more than one generation will be watching these scenes, comfortably ensconced in an armchair with popcorn. If you liked these observations for the stereotypical stuff of Hollywood movies, be sure to read share with your friends.

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