The usual trip to the museum turned to this 12-year-old boy's nightmare, which will be remembered for a lifetime!

Sometimes the events that happen in our lives resemble stories of adventure novels, Hollywood detectives and science fiction comics. You will want to come up - you can imagine! This is an incredible story from the category of "every day is not seeing" happened with the 12-year-old boy. The usual trip to the museum turned to a nightmare that will be remembered for a lifetime.

During a visit to an exhibition of paintings Ā«Images of a GeniusĀ» tripped and accidentally made a hole in the film Paolo Porpora 350 years ago, which is no less than 1, 5 million dollars.

"Poor guy does not have his sweet parents ..." - thought you. But fortunately, a painting was insured, so it will be restored by the insurance fund.

So the picture Paolo Porpora looked up the ill-fated event.

Now, here it flaunts such a hole ...

This is how it was.

What can you do, this situation can happen to absolutely every . The boy, of course, very lucky. Tell us about this outstanding event of his buddies.


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