It's time to finally put an end to the things that are cornered and harassed us!

There is a widespread belief that our own enemy is ourselves. Despite the cliché, the idea sounds more than plausible. We often drive ourselves crazy in our pursuit of excellence in our lives, relationships, ourselves, and, honestly, it's very exhausting. So, here we are publishing challenge themselves and other women - 23 female habits, from which it's time to give up. (Of course, easier said than done, but using a different cliché, if at first you do not succeed - try again).

Apologizing all the time. Studies have shown that women say "sorry" more often than men. Yes, we need to take responsibility, but the constant apologies for what had to ask the waiter for each count separately or reschedule a date or a friend to complain of life, doing more harm than good. Do not judge every action. Respect their preferences and decisions.
Saying "yes" to everything else. Yes, I drink coffee with you, even if I'm tired and all I want to go home and crawl into bed. Yes, I will edit your resume, although busy with her own work. Yes, I will go on a double date with you, your almost-boyfriend and his terrible friend, who happened to be in town. Enough to say "yes" when you really are not sure about something. People really respect you when you set the boundaries.
Saying "no" to himself. Most women spend too much time deciding what we can not do, or what is not good enough. Do not let your insecurities and fears to make decisions for you - after all, you miss a vital experience. Therefore, go and talk to the group of people, which, as you think you do not fit, contrary to common sense to take a walk late at night or treat yourself to what some goodies, even if you can do without them.
To perceive food as an enemy. Women often get the message that the most important to us is our appearance. Our hair should be smooth and perfectly curled, our makeup should look natural, our body should be slim. In seeking to achieve these impossible standards easily begin to perceive food as something with which you need to fight and not to enjoy. Be aware of what you eat, but try to do away with guilt. Enjoy each gnocchi with Gorgonzola cheese, or a piece of mint ice cream with chocolate chips, or those with fresh cherry tomatoes. As Nora Ephron wrote, "I have made many mistakes in love and regret more of it, but I never regret about potatoes that ate at that time»
Negative speak about their appearance - both to myself and out loud. Enough scornfully about their appearance. Nothing good will come of it, except that you choose to discuss this problem with your therapist.
I feel like an impostor when lists his professional merits. Women are more likely than men to feel the "impostor" and inclined to doubt whether they deserve their success. Pay tribute to your achievements. You got a new job, a promotion or praise superiors? So, you deserve it.
Manic remove a mark from each of its unattractive photos appearing online. Yes, it makes sense that the first time you click on your Facebook profile pictures were not where you squinted. But often to the tenacity with which we are trying to remove each photo exposing the us in an imperfect form, you can find a decent application. It's not just that so we are even more worried about their own appearance - people would not stop fasting at whatever they want. It is impossible to control. Plus, the photo is now on the network virtually replaced the photo on the paper. If today you do not want to watch the grimace at the outlet of your brother, then in time you may wish to recall that moment.
Compare his real life with someone else's virtual. Do not waste a lot of time and nerves, creating its own network image. Also, do not waste time and nerves on the study of foreign network image. According to studies, the dependence on social networks directly linked to low self-esteem. Any woman thought so, sitting on a sofa on Monday night and looking at pictures from a vacation former boyfriend or girlfriend rave reviews - the employee of a glossy magazine - a party with a heap of celebrities. Instead of constantly compare that, as scientists say, leads to depression, close the laptop and enjoy this. At least it's real.
Hold on to regret and guilt. As Lena Dunham said the festival newspaper "The New Yorker" in 2012, "I am opposed to regret." Regret and guilt plagued only those who experience them. Realize what you regret and what repent, and then move on.
Wear shoes with heels every day. Look at this frightening infographics and tell me what's good idea - every day to cram your poor feet in high heels. Lovely pumps - it's great, but comfortable shoes are not only easier for you to walk today, but also a beneficial effect on the health of your feet for years to come. Plus flat shoes is very stylish.
Condemn the privacy of other women. No woman should not be humiliated for who she sleeps, or for how expresses its beauty. The next time you are thinking to name the other woman - just close your mouth.
To condemn his own personal life. No one need to know how much you have been partners. And, honestly, what you may think about the people due to the nature of your personal life, you are more concerned, not their.
Trying to be nonchalant. Maybe you're really cool and most enjoy relaxing over a bottle of beer and a movie. But if you do not have "gene equanimity" - that will be enough to pretend. Trying to be all quiet and pleasant time prevent you from expressing your needs and desires.
To fear the label "crazy." It is very easy to distort the feelings and opinions of women, accusing her that she was too emotional. "I do not think that the idea that women are crazy, is the result of a mass conspiracy" - wrote the journalist Yasar Ali in his blog on the website The Huffington Post in 2011. "It's likely that the slow and steady rhythm of their existence are constantly ignored and devalued." Fear of the label "crazy" does not bring anything except the impossibility to express their thoughts and feelings. Anyway, a little madness is in each of us, no matter you are a man or a woman.
Consult with medical sites with or without. The fact that your glands are swollen for a week, does not mean that you have cancer of the throat. If your health is really you so cares - Away from network doctors and go to this doctor.
Worry about the fact that your life is not like Pinterest. You're not Martha Stewart. Did you ever own hands does not make such a shelf for books. And your dish cooked recipe from the network, is unlikely to look as appetizing as the photo.
Afraid of being alone. Some things depend on you. For example, you can often go on dates and actively meet new people. Other things do not depend on you. Finding a partner for life (and even at the time) - is just such things. You can not know when, where and how to meet a man with whom spend life. Therefore, enough to torment myself with the thought that this simply will not happen. As Shirley Makleyyn said, "There is no more intimate relationship than those that bind you with ourselves." We are ready to sign up.
Being in a relationship just to be in a relationship. If you're so afraid of being alone - the worst thing you can do - to plunge into a relationship, you do not need. If you are communicating with someone only to find a couple, nothing good will come of it. As Nora Ephron wrote: "Marriages come and go, and divorce - the eternal»
Do not use the vacation. A growing number of Americans already miss a few days of paid vacation. This is despite the fact that a person is healthy, rested and happy with life, and it is likely to work better. We pledge: no one will die, if you turn off your mobile phone and go to the mountains for the weekend.
Maintain "a toxic friendship." Get rid of the sworn friends like Regina George of "Mean Girls." Life is too short to spend it on the people who have lowered your self-esteem.
Maintain a relationship, guided by a sense of duty. It is not necessary that you have a lot to do today with a girl, to which you were not spill water in the lower grades. Not necessarily see with all his old friend and distant relatives, who were nearby. Consciously feel about with whom to spend time, allowing some to leave the relationship to the past in a natural way.
Ashamed of his hobbies. "I want to be a feminist, and wear a blouse with turn-down collar. So what? "- Zooey Deschanel said in an interview with Glamour magazine in February 2013. Take an example from it and stop worrying about how you supposedly should look like, what to think and what to say. I like girly cute little things - like the cute little things girly. I do not like - do not. Accept the fact that you do not know much about music, I love hockey and have a weakness at the same time for the series "Breaking Bad" and the reality show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." If you have something you do not understand, and suddenly find that someone special in this area, do not waste time and ask him about it.
Set deadlines for important events in life. Do not try to plan when you need to meet the love of your life, have children and buy a great house. Enjoy the fact that life is unpredictable, and allow yourself to be delighted to frenzy, when goals are reached, and were pleasantly surprised when you realize that one or all of the items I want to erase.
Emma Gray


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