To understand yourself, your goals, everything that surrounds you, you must not stop moving.

It's time to leave, to get out of his room somewhere, anywhere, to experience the feeling of happiness and freedom to warm up a bit, "fill" your eyes, wake up, in the literal and figurative sense of the word.
- Stefan Zweig

Turn around, look at your life and think about whether the more frequent causes your heart rate and your heart beat this moment and this place. If deep down there is that anxious feeling - analyze everything around you, and get out quickly.

If you feel comfortable with satisfaction ... and get up and walk away. You build a plan or not is not important, the main thing - leave this place and moved somewhere else.

It is in this context the word "off" sounds so cute. Like a "see you later" instead of "goodbye" because it is much easier. This means a new start, a departure from the past and going beyond its limits. Because there is nothing better than to start over.

It does not matter whether it's just a new apartment or a complete stranger to you town. After all, it is not that you change the environment, and how you will live here. Open your eyes and once again carefully examine those spaces, which gives you life.

Life tends to become tasteless. She is your favorite food, which over time loses its freshness - a special quality, makes you love her. We are exactly the same as the place within which we stand, get bored and tired, as well as our environment.

A new experience - this is the reason for which we live. This is the reason to wake up in the morning, a reason to go on. While we enjoy the comfort, we want a new experience. The essence of life is to surrender one of its parts, and to constantly give it new meaning.

Throughout your life, you should feel comfortable to sit in your house and warms the warm tea. But now, while you are young - move, put goals and go for them. Suppose you will be uncomfortable. Since it is when we feel some discomfort - we grow and develop.

To understand yourself, your goals, everything that surrounds you, you must not stop moving. You must have at least 5 times in life to move; 5 times to open your heart and dive into something new, fresh and fateful.

1. To get away from what you know
The first move is similar to the first flight. It's like learning to fly. You understand that the only thing that locks you out of the world - is you. You do not have wings, but there are legs, planes and trains. There are cars, buses and ships. Here is a world with its infinite possibilities.

But above all, you need to leave your nest. You have to say goodbye to everyone, with what you have grown so small little world, which once seemed enough. You have to tear yourself away from the comfort of family and "put" in the center of the chaos.

It was this first move the heaviest. This is the moment when you doom yourself to discomfort, fear and loneliness. It is your decision makes you stranger, a stranger, a fugitive.

2. To gain new experience
The second transfer will be one of the most restless. You must be tired of it already bored taste of your environment. This move you need to learn to feel again. The thing is that maybe you do not know everything, but you want to try.

You are in anticipation of new experiences of adventure and unforeseen future. You do not have a clue who meet to find, where find yourself, but, nevertheless, you do it with an open heart.

You will find new friends, discover new beauty and arouse the passion for life that first encounter with the first move. You do not calm down until your hungry soul will be satisfied. You will leave old friends for new ones, something will change even your manner of communication.

3. To find the love
Find love, then, to find happiness. It's your decision to jump into the crazy, dizzy and restless pursuit. After all, love - this is the final destination of each of us, is not it? It is because of love, every day we are moving forward.

This is the reason why we get up every morning and struggle with difficulties. This is the reason that makes us move and break, to meet all the new people. This is the final goal, the final frontier, and the only thing worth moving.

If you think you found her ... in person in the city, work - you have to move to it. If your dream job is somewhere in Spain - you need to move. If your heart yearns pink beaches of Bermuda - you should go there.

If the Cape of Good Hope you fell head over heels into a man - you have to follow. Chasing love - it's not frivolous, it is fair to myself, first of all. Nothing is more important than the search for love. Because if you do not pursue a love that for the purpose if you are pursuing?

4. Release the last love
Love is not infinite. You can find it at the moment, it may be either a whole "dose" or a fleeting affair. Perhaps this will be the year of ideal love with those who are not destined for a long time to be present in your life. And maybe this love will bring you peace and tranquility while you wish something new.

Love is defined by its ability to touch you and change, but not its duration. Just because love is over, it does not mean that she was not present. You have to follow your love, but should also recognize that sometimes it goes.

You must find the strength to say goodbye to his (already past) love to find a new one. You must escape from the shower you love and open your heart a new feeling.

Throw as much as possible from him the idea that the other love of your life is no more. Because life is full of things that should be given full, things that will make you weep and understand (again) why you live.

5. To start over
You do not have to adhere to the boundaries of their comfort. You do not have to look for simple ways lungs. You have to challenge the tranquility for something more beautiful.

To live means to be born and are constantly reborn, again and again. As a new person, a new lover, a new friend; you must want to evolve and transform itself into a completely new version of itself.

Do not let the new place becomes your final destination. Understand that you are never fully satisfied, if you do not move, change and learn something new.

Lauren Martin


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