Well, want to know what the nature of your young man, a friend or even a husband?

Not all and not always able to understand with whom they are dealing with in reality. Sometimes only after many years it appears that some people - a scoundrel. Or, on the contrary, it is a terrible sight, but inside is kind and fluffy, it is only necessary to know his weaknesses. And about myself, beloved, it does not hurt to find out more detail. Okay, enough already retreats. What is "silent" long noses and full lips.

Face different people have different expression. Someone is stressful procedure, why even have been some twitching. It says that a man tormented by inner doubts, perhaps even fears and insecurities. Decisions are not easy to him so often he still remains committed to conservative ideas. Although, if you believe in the correctness, you may long and enthusiastically engaged the selected task. By the way, easy to establish contact.

There are even people who seem to be fixed, "frozen". Gipotonus muscle makes drooping cheeks. In general, the impression that the person is about to fall asleep. It is clear that such lazy natures in the first place, they will not hurry, especially to nothing at all, and tend to their little interest. And the problems they are also "all the drum." Movable or fixed facial muscles depend on the condition of the nervous system. Easily excitable person easy to recognize by the characteristic facial expressions.

Face shape
The form of the face also carries information. Triangular face gives cunning, pursuing their own interests. The square shows the harsh nature, inner strength and even rudeness. Often, the people of this type is difficult to negotiate, they are what is called a rod, like a tank. But the owners of a circular shape reputation for being merry fellows, good souls, like noisy companies and do not seek to dilute the circle of famous people. However, if human nature has endowed chubby prominent cheekbones, it is likely a manifestation of nature leader.

High vrazlet and bending eyebrows indicate purposeful nature, common among women leaders. Eyebrows average width and length of the stress balance many aspects of personality: intellect, will, kindness, emotion. Moreover, it is believed that if a woman is too corrects the eyebrow line (especially broad explicitly plucks his eyebrows up noticeably thin), then in its environment becomes less friends. Low-lying eyebrows emphasize the conservative nature. Density eyebrows indicate the desire for leadership. And eyebrows, outer corners downward, characteristic for shy and kind people.

The large eyes are set far from sentimental, infantile women. On the other hand, wide eyes occur in sensitive, but not deprived of intelligence and wit natures. The beautiful, magnetically attracts the eye guessed strong temper and a sharp mind. But the narrow little eyes are people secretive, often staying in their thoughts.

Long nose - a sign of the general nature with a strong autonomy. Holders of short bow of the positive-minded, open, in a good mood people. Trim the tip of the nose and at the same time expressed the wings are often characteristic of people who are influential personalities. If the tip of the nose forked, its possessor can be ranked among the shy persons, and snub frequent in flighty and dissolute girls. Greek nose (or Georgia) gives people a cunning and astute.

Thin lips, rather, a sign of squeamishness and pettiness. If you have nasal folds that descend to the corners of her mouth, then beware of manifestations of deceit on the part of the man. The owner of a small mouth can hardly show a strong character, while big mouth says to the contrary. We egoists usually much lower lip, and the lack of trust, the opposite upper prevails. Well, if both lips resemble flower bud - before you undoubtedly by nature thin, sensual.

However, facial features during the life can change, for that matter, so does the man himself, his inner world, his ideals and aspirations. Therefore, the above definition is rather light strokes than rooted patterns.


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