Spend just 30 seconds on the study of this simple and effective technique that can dramatically change your life.

Today I would like to share with you a useful advice. The Council, about which no written popular books. In fact it is so simple, it is unlikely that anyone could write a book about it. He has not any relation to the latest technology, which filled all around us.

This advice was given to a person born in the 19th century, his grandson, who is already under way to fifth decade. This grandson of the now - famous people in the industry, and equally respected among politicians and the world of finance. So that he can be trusted.

If there is light at the main reception of success, then this is it.

My friend has just moved to the high school, when his grandfather took him aside and said the following:

Immediately after each lecture, meeting, any important event, Mark 30 seconds - no more and no less - to record the main valuable thoughts. Even if you do this and to restrict, in life, you will succeed.

The boy followed this advice. And should it ever since. Later he introduced this principle, two sons who also became successful young people.

I also decided to try this simple technique. And that's what I got:

It is not just taking notes. Do not think that if you conduct a detailed summary of the meeting, the use of this technique is not necessary. Making a quick 30-second resume - not the same thing as simply notes what has been said at the meeting. To sum up, you learn understanding, prioritization and decision-making.
It's not easy. Always decide what's important and what's not - it's exhausting. It's amazing how much easier to tell myself that I, well, and so understood. And to abandon the 30-second case - a sort of hundred meters to your brain.
Under the yoke of the heap details. Information that falls upon us, often very detailed, containing a lot of detail. It is easy to under this oppression forget about the main thing. So the art of swinging too much become very valuable in the modern world.
Proceed immediately! At the same time, some details may be important. That is why you need to start the review as soon as possible. Not to forget something important that can escape from your memory with time: the intonation of the lecturer, a stray thought, etc.
You will learn how to better listen and ask the best questions. The very structure of your focus changes. Knowing that you have to write a report heard you become less distracted. It's as if you started listening to a melody in the midst of the cacophony of other sounds - you would have to try and focus seriously to hear her.
You will be more likely to help others. Summing up will help you better understand what other people want and what is important to them. This, in turn, can help you effectively solve their problems. I often receive interview influential people with high connections. And I was struck by how many of them use a similar model summarizing each meeting.
The more - the better. Yes, over time it becomes a habit and it becomes easier. In addition, it will be interesting and useful. Therefore, the main thing - to start!


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