CHOICE still makes WOMAN

Came the bad news for men: Scientists have found evidence that a fundamental decision about choosing a partner takes a woman.

According to recent research, women are not only more realistic about ourselves, but more choosy when selecting a mate. While both men are easily lured to the beauty and attractiveness, women are much more likely to be guided by reliability and social status of the partner.

"The rapid appointment»
Scientists from Berlin, London and Edinburgh themselves eagerly awaited results of the study who are unmarried young people. The researchers observed 20 women and 26 men in the so-called "fast dates" in Munich. This type of dating is that men and women during the first date talk to each other a couple of minutes.

Such meetings are generally organized agencies. After a short conversation, participants decide if they would like to meet again. Before you take part in these meetings, young people should complete a questionnaire describing their criteria for choosing a partner.

Men are tempted beauty
In a survey of men and women unanimously answered that it is important character of a potential partner. But during the "rapid dating" decision males almost always been associated with external data woman. Women, on the contrary, trying to gain a deeper understanding of the men says Lars Penke (Lars Penke), a psychologist at Berlin's Humboldt University.

"Quick Meeting" confirms evolutionary-biological theory of mate selection. Women are choosing a partner with the higher risk, explains the Skin. The man may just retire after a woman is at risk of becoming pregnant. Therefore, women are more choosy and check - often unconsciously - whether a potential partner is suitable for family life. The men involved in the study, the first impression is based on external data woman superseded all other criteria. Suitable for family life or social status suddenly cease to play a role, says the psychologist.

Women choose
Charles Darwin in the XIX century suspected that when choosing a partner decisions are made by women. Men compete, women choose Darwin wrote. This amazing power of women is contrary to the worldview of the time, says the Skin. In our time, science is more advanced.

Yet the psychologist does not overestimate the results of research. We are talking about the first meeting, not a partnership, it stresses the Skin. "Quick Meeting" addresses only the question of whether there will be held the following. At the same time, a pretty woman, of course, can choose from a larger number of men. Will it be at this happy, is not yet known, said Lars Penke. (Oh)


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