None of the unmanned vehicles did not get in an accident through their own fault

Of 50 unmanned vehicles that ply the roads of California in September of last year, an accident попали only four of them. Three Lexus SUV owned by Google, a fourth machine is designed automobile company Delphi. The search giant did not disclose the details of the incident with his car, but the speaker Delphi Kristen Kinley said, as it were. While turning left into side Audi SQ5 hit another car, causing moderate damage to both vehicles, the wheel that at this time there were people. And Google and Delphi say that all 4 cases of accidents happened to their unmanned vehicles, were the fault of other drivers.

Permission to test AGV in "combat conditions" was issued at the end of September last year, Google, Mercedes and Audi, slightly later joined them and Delphi. An indispensable condition for regulatory approval was a condition that, in the cockpit of the car should be an engineer-driver, which in the case of an emergency should take it over. Any incidents during the tests must make known to the state Department of Motor Vehicles (Department of Motor Vehicles), which declined to comment on any information in this regard. However, a source in the Ministry on condition of anonymity told the New York Times, that two of the four cases of accident vehicles were in autonomous control at a speed of about 10 miles per hour (about 16 km / h).

Google, with its reputation as a high-tech company, is in the ear of many critics. For example, the head of the organization Consumer Watchdog journalist and lawyer John Simpson, who describes himself as a defender of consumer rights in the information age, believes that Google's intention to produce all AGV without steering wheel and pedals - this is a serious challenge to the security not only of the owner of such a machine, but also a plurality of the people around him. (Simpson became known after he filed a lawsuit against Google, protesting against automatic scanning mail contents of Gmail; he also said that Americans save too much attention from the owners of Google Glass should the US Congress).

In response, the cornerstone of unmanned car called the security that is provided by a large number of built-in cameras, radars and sensors and related software. Together they can provide a speed of response to the problems to which people simply unable to.



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