A resident of Mountain View talked about the attitude towards unmanned vehicles in California

Tuoyo Simeon (Simeon Tuoyo) from Mountain View рассказал about their experiences of life among unmanned vehicles from Google and other companies. No pedestrians or drivers are not surprised vehicles without the person behind the wheel, and thus believe that robotic cars will not break traffic rules and always miss people on the move.

Simeon has no relation to Google, no other producers unmanned vehicles. He lives in Mountain View, California.

Recently, he sees every day at least five unmanned vehicles. The vast majority of them - Lexus of Google. Several times Simeon saw the other cars, one of them was struck logo Bosch. A blogger at the moment have not seen the new «Google-beetles» on the roads. We are talking about cars of its own production of the Internet giant.

According to Simon, the drivers on the road meeting unmanned vehicles from Google, do not be surprised as pedestrians.

Roboavtomobili Google's lead as the grandmother; they do not climb to the stop line, not break away, do not drive at high speeds and never rebuilt, cutting other road users. With the lack of visibility they pauses approaching the turn, inch by inch. This is hardly like drivers who are behind - they have to wait. Unmanned car quite well with pedestrians: they advance stop as soon as they see that someone is coming to transfer and move only after the pedestrian crossed the road and away from it.

The author goes to work by motorcycle. In California, motorcyclists are allowed to travel between the rows until the cars are at a traffic light or in a traffic jam. Trim the Google car is safe. Roboavtomobil stop passing in front of the motorcycle to rebuild.

Robotic vehicles capable save not only time but also money. Such cars get into accidents solely the fault of the living members traffic. Simeon thinks eventually ban cars on the road with live drivers and unmanned cars will be able to realize the full potential.

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